Mount Lycabettus conquered – amazing views from the top of Athens

Mount Lycabettus

Hey there. I might be slightly late (I did this 2 days ago) but I still have to share it. Last Saturday I climbed Mount Lycabettus (277 m. altitude) to discover super amazing views from the top of Athens.

Views from Mount LycabettusYes, that’s right – Mount Lycabettus is the highest viewpoint in Athens and they were crazy. I have to admit it though – the climb was hell and exhausting but that’s because I am still “training”. Look, I climbed it, conquered it, I am happy even though I needed to rest once on a bench (yes, there are plenty of benches throughout the climb). And yet, I thought I could do Ben Nevis without training (1.3 km high) :O

Anyway, through blood, sweat and tears, there I was – on top of Athens. The views revealed the size of Athens. And yes, Athens is HUGE! You look to the right – all the white unending buildings; you look to the left – all the white unending buildings … wherever you look – unending view of the city all the way up until huge mountains (sorry, I don’t even know the name of the mountains … yet).

Stray cats of Mount LycabettusAnyway, on top of hill, there is church and then a bar … there is also a place to eat ice cream but it’s already colder up on that hill. On my way back, I encounter some stray cats and even a turtle (or tortoise, really have no clue). There was one shy stray cat and the other – super friendly. As always, I had to stroke the cat and then she/he followed me a few steps down. I thought I would have a companion for all the way until I reach the ground level but it wasn’t the case. The cat stopped after a few steps when realised that I had no food to share ­čÖü

Anyway, if you happen to be in Athens for a few days and have the energy or effort to climb Mount Lycabettus – please do. The views are crazy, you will realised how massive Athens city is.

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