Amazon’s FallOut (season 1) was bloody brilliant

Hey, it has been a while since I blogged on this site. Just recently (last Monday) I watched Amazon’s FallOut and I was really amazed at the show.

I know Bethesda’s FallOut games are super amazing (not my type games though) so please understand that I have not played FallOut games that much … as a matter of fact … I don’t even know much about its universe. Only the fact that there was a bomb that exploded and certain people were able to shelter in those vaults.

I only played FallOut 3 to the end but no DLCs or anything like that. I also played New Vegas but only a little bit. I quit the game maybe halfway through the story. And it was decade ago or so … never played the other FallOut games …

Now that it’s done, I must say that the TV show made by Amazon was bloody amazing! You don’t need to play any of FallOut games or know anything about its lore. You will be introduced to everything as the show progresses.

FallOut’s characters

The show introduces you to 3 main characters. There are plenty of other minor character but they are all cool. I absolutely loved all of them. Especially the Ghoul (Walton Goggins). The guy who’s 200 years of age and badass.

There is Lucy (Ella Purnell) and there is also Maximus (Aaron Clifton Molten). They are both amazing actors and do their jobs incredibly well.

FallOut’s story

Well, I am not going to get too much into the story as I don’t want to spoil anything for you but the show shows present with past flashbacks. The TV show explains clearly what happened so you are not left out without knowing what is going on.

I binge-watched entire season (8 episodes) on Monday over Amazon Prime. Yes, I had popcorn and time flew by like crazy. I would highly recommend FallOut TV show. I am eagerly waiting for the second season.


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