Visiting Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis Hill of Athens

Hello everybody. As you know, couple days ago I actually conquered Mount Lycabettus and I even blogged about it. It was truly amazing experience.

Today I went on another adventure – I got lost in time in Acropolis. And boy, was it fantastic? I could easily see the Mount Lycabettus and I couldn’t believe how big it was even from very far.

Anyway, the Acropolis itself is amazing with lots of ruins in it. Why do I love ruins? It just shows how no matter how great and big things become, everything and everyone succumbs to tides of time. No one, nobody, nothing can tame it. This also reminds that no matter how big your problems are, in time, they will be solved. Hell, they may not even matter tomorrow anyway …

Theatre of DionysusSo there were lots of ruins – Partheon, Erechteion, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, etc … however, one of better looking structures – Theatre of Dionysus. As experts agree, it is the oldest theatre in the world. It would host annual Spring Festival where artists such as Sophocles and Aristophanes would “show-off” their work. Truly amazing sight!

Comparing climbing Acropolis hill to mount Lycabettus – it was like a breath. I couldn’t even notice how quick I got on top of Acropolis. Similarly, the views were fantastic – wherever you look – you see white never-ending building surrounded by bigger mountains and hills. This is something you have to experience yourself – no photo will do the justice.

While I took quite many photos, I would say that I can only show couple – the rest are pretty much the same looking. So here – enjoy my selfie + Theatre of Dionysus.

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