About me

So, who is Don Mazonas?

Hi, my name is Don Mazonas. I will not share my life’s story or all the dramas I had in my life, hwoever, I will briefly tell you about my highlights and why I made this amazing decision to start internet marketing business nearly a decade ago.

First of all, I never wanted to work for the boss – that was one of the main reasons I turned to internet marketing. If I hadn’t, I would have become a programmer. We all know that programmers actually make a lot of money but their salary is limited to how many hours they can program. I don’t really like it although I learned how to code in certain languages myself – PHP, AJAX, HTML, MySQL, Javascript, etc …

So I created a few websites in 2007, in 2008 I received my first few dollars from selling links on them. I also launched my first proper project – browser based RPG. It’s no longer live, unfortuantely … but it was a great experience maintaining it for 6 years. In 2009 I started getting into SEO more seriously, trying out certain SEO tactics and what not.

In early 2010, I passed my driving license. I really needed extra money for fuel so I started providing all-in-one SEO services for clients who I would find through Digital Point forums. I was doing well within 6 months – having 20+ clients who were paying me at least $300/month each. I used to outsource most of the things, that’s how I was able to build so many connections and now I am VIP user of many of their services – I get premium stuff for much cheaper than other people would.

However, in April 2011 something horrible happened – first major Google update and it wiped out most of rankings of my clients. I lost some of clients. While I was able to preserve a few of them, at the same time, I built my own first blog network. I remember it was called Ninja Links (yes, I love TMNT even to this day, can’t wait for TMNT 2 movie in 2016). I started selling link packages on Wicked Fire. I was charging $6 for 5 x PR4 blog posts. It was incredible deal, I remember I would spin articles using TBS and post articles manually. I was making $50 – $100 / day. It went well for the next half year until autumn 2011. Then my network got deindexed. Instead of crying and killing myself, I rebuilt entire network with some tweaks and then I was able to make even more money – I was able to expand to the point where I was making $3,000+ / week by providing SEO services alone.

So I was really balling in 2012. That year was also amazing not because of financial success but I also was able to rank my game for keywords such as “RPG”, “MMORPG”, “Free MMORP”, etc … on page 1! You see, at that time, networks like ALN were popular, they were the power behind ranking just about anything really! But then again, just like all good things, ALN got deindexed, thousands of websites were penalised, including my game. I had a great year nevertheless – I learned crazy things about SEO because I had so much money to invest in pretty much every tactic there was. I burned a lot of money but then again, I learned from my mistakes so I can’t say that I wasted my money. I also started testing a lot with content. I even started providing SEO content services to other people. I was not making a ton of profit from that service, the service served well in learning how to create content that ranks long term. Those techniques I discovered/invented (not really but I haven’t seen people do those strategies) still work to this day and they will work for eternity because Google just loves those strategies.

2013 were even better! My business was still doing great! In May 2013, I discovered a new hobby which turned into passion … or should I say more than a passion? I discovered lindy hop which soon I was obsessed with. It’s a dancing genre that comes under swing umbrella – swing dancing includes lindy hop, tap, jazz, balboa, Charleston, blues, etc … I was so obsessed that I was dancing every single day and twice on Sundays (it’s true, there are people who can vouch for this!). I have done something crazy – I went to 3 events in a single day … twice actually. Anyway, that year was also amazing – I achieved one of my dreams – purchasing my dream car – Mercedes Benz C200 (white, 2010).

In 2014, Google kept wiping out my networks and penalising certain networks I was working with. However, I started making my own private networks instead. They are much better than those you buy from other people because you have a complete control. You know who you link to, etc … it is so much better! So I kept SEOing and dancing pretty much all over the year. I was lucky to be able to travel around England and some of Europe mainly because of dancing.

In 2015 I started creating my own products. One of them is called Selfie Mastery. You see, I can be shameless egoistic person who takes selfies with other people in certain events. I have taken thousands of selfes without any selfie stick and I regret nothing. I still do. I also created another product called Content Mastery. In this product I share all my strategies and techniques I use to create content that is very engaging and it actually ranks very high on search engines.

In 2016 I plan to create another ebook about internet marketing where I will be telling people all the benefits you can have by doing IM. I will also teach people how to start their own IM business, how it works, all the resources for traffic, content, product creation and other things. I believe I have enough experience in this industry but then again, I am always keen to improve, learn more so I can earn more. That guide will be free because if you are starting out, I don’t think that you will have a high budget to buy the ebook, especially when you need to spend money on things like hosting, domains, etc …

Anyway, that’s it from me. I will keep this page updated as things happen …