How to make money online without surveys

Hey there,

For the past few months (that I have been offline, kind of), I have been actually talking to my “offline” friends, or, friends in real life … or friends who are not internet marketers … yet. Question they usually ask me is how I make money online. They also tell me that most of them also tried this “internet marketing thing” by doing all kinds of surveys and stuff like that. However, this is not what I would call internet marketing. Internet marketing is much more than those surveys. So, in this post I will answer this questions. If you had similar questies like:

  • how to make money online without surveys
  • ways to make money online without surveys
  • alternative ways to make money online
  • better ways to make money online than surveys

What are surveys and how are people making money?

So, first of all, I must tell you that yes, I also did surveys in my early days. I am lucky that I live in the UK for the past 11 years. Almost 12 now. There are companies that need research done in order to provide proper marketing analysis for their or their clients’ products. Also, not just marketing analysis but rather product usability and stuff therefore, they pay anywhere from $2 to $20 or more for a simple and short review.

It’s great way to earn some money but it is not always sunshine and rainbows. If people claim that they are making good living from surveys alone, they are either lying or they have shit loads of referrals, which, kind of, makes them marketers. Their referrals make them more money than they make themselves.

However though, I am not saying that you cannot earn money with surveys. You can. However, making money with surveys has also lots of disadvantages:

  • Usually GEO-targeted – which means that you are lucky if you live in the US, UK, Canada or Australia. These are countries that offer most of such offers. If you live somewher ein Lithuania or India, chances are, you won’t get many offers … if any at all.
  • Takes time – you really trade your time for money. This is great if whatever you make is enough for you. However, you have directly spend time to make money. There are better ways to make money online without surveys.
  • Very vulnerable – by that I really mean that you don’t control anything on these survey sites. What if you get banned? All your earnings are lost. What if offer vendor thinks that your review does not meet their standards and/or criteria? You don’t get paid for the work you did. 20-30 minutes go to waste.

So, you can see that while, on the surface, making money with surveys is very appealing, it’s not very good money making method long-term.

Ways to make money online without surveys

Now, let’s talk more about other ways to make money online without surveys. First of all, I will not be getting into too much details as each and every single methods mentioned below might have several posts related to that method alone. So, here we go:

  1. Affiliate marketing – it’s probably the term that you heard the most. While I do suggest to have own website, you can make money online without website. The whole idea about affiliate marketing is getting other people to purchase goods (digital or physical) through your special link(s) so you get paid in commissions. You will need to read more about it online to learn more about affiliate marketing. You can take a look at my guide I wrote about product launch jacking. It’s very related to affiliate marketing and email marketing. Here are some of the affiliate networks:
    • Amazon Affiliate
    • ClickBank (pays up to 70% in commissions)
    • Warrior Plus
    • JVZoo
    • CJ
  2. CPA marketing – CPA marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. You get paid when your referral does an action (CPA stands for Cost Per Action). These actions can be as simple as link click (if you do AdSense, visitor’s action is a click on the ad). However, they usually pay you a cent, maybe 2 (though it can be in dollars in some niches). Other actions can be email submit, zip code submit (very popular in car insurance niche), app install and plenty others. Unfortunately, I have not had a lot of experience in this method but I know people who make shit loads of money by doing CPA marketing. Here are the best networks:
    • PeerFly (made $42.50 to be exact)
    • MaxBounty
    • CrakRevenue (they focus on gambling and adult)
  3. E-commerce – there are a lot of great products in e-commerce (or ecom, for short) niche. There are many people making shit tons of money with it. The idea is to create e-commerce website in a very weird niche, buy some stock from AliExpress and sell those items in your country. That, or you can find wholesellers and make a dropshipping business without keeping any stock. This is also something I have not tested myself yet but I would like to start at some point in 2018.
  4. Info-products empire – do you see some of the products I have released and out on this blog’s sidebar (Twitter Follower Bonanza, PBN Black Hole, Content Mastery, etc …)? Well, these are products that I created. Infoproducts are simply digital product where you transfer your knowledge about a certain thing or skill via digital medium. It can be eBook, audio or video. It can be entire course. The choice is yours. You can then release your product for free to capture readers’ emails (this is what I do and it’s call list building) or you can sell right-away (and you can still build a list of emails of people who purchased your products). The idea is that once you get their emails, you build even stronger trust by emailing them great info and tips on how they can enhance experience with your paid (or free, why the hell not?) product. Then you can start promoting affiliate products (products that are similar to yours and made by other people) to make affiliate commissions.
  5. Blogging – do you think that creating entire product and marketing it can be too much time or too expensive for you? Well, all this effort and investment you put in will surely pay off but in case you don’t want to risk it, you can start simply blog about your passion or something you are epxert in. I started my lindy hop blog 4 years ago exactly (started on 6th November, 2013, to be exact) and while it does not make me money, I get massive discounts or invitations to dance in various festivals just because I blog. There are lots of ways to monetise your blog – put Google AdSense, sell banner ads directly to other people, affiliate marketing/email marketing and many others.
  6. Online services – this is huge and there are plenty of people making great living with their services (me included). I run SEO services and a lot of people find me through several big sites (this blog included, though, it’s not that big). Here is sample of services you can offer:
    • Graphics design (logos, banners, headers, etc …)
    • Web development (web programming, design, etc …)
    • Web marketing (SEO, PPC, social signals and plenty more)
    • Other services (online psychic reading (yup, it exists), voice-overs, etc …)

So here are a few methods to make money online without surveys. Surely, there are plenty more methods that I have not included. I have not included mainly because I don’t have experience in those other methods. I do a lot of affiliate marketing as well as services. These are my favourite methods (I mean, the ones that I make good living with).

I hope that this helps and that you no longer become slave to your time. Sure, services can be treated as such but if you learn a lot about outsourcing, you will not be spending that much time providing the service. I am testing a lot with outsourcing these days and I will surely blog about outsourcing, once I have something valuable to share.