A few hours in York as a tourist


So yesterday my cousin, my sister and I went to York. I normally travel to York for my dancing classes or social dancing events on regular basis. I make roughly 3-5 trips to York per month. This time I was a tourist for once.

So we started by spending an hour or so looking for where to park the car. All streets were for residents only so I couldn’t park. Either that or restrictions would be lifted at 5 or 6 PM or later. Or car park was full. So it was a bit annoying. Eventually we found a spot. Probably stole someone else’s spot reserved within their minds but I was quicker I guess.

After we parked and strolled across the centre of York, we found this square of Food and Drink Festival in York. To be honest, I didn’t know about this food festival so this was a great surprise as I was quite hungry. There were Turkish dishes, Italian food and also British food. I went for British beef cheeseburger and it was lovey. Sorry, I was busy eating and didn’t take any photos.

After we dined at the food festival, we kept walking through the York centre and found a nice and cozy pub. We had a beer while planned out the rest of the time. It was a great pleasure to just chill in warm and cozy pub and have a beer. It was Heineken that I had and it tasted amazing! No, I am not sponsored to promote Heineken.

Of course, York is beatiful and its grandest attraction – the cathedral. So big, crazy. But we didn’t go inside unfortunately as we didn’t have the time for it.

Then we went on this wall that used to protect Jorvik from attackers back in a day. As you keep walking along the wall, amazing views open up.

And to finish this short trip – I had an amazing ice cream. It was lovely.

Then went home.

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