Real estate SEO

We live in the digital age, and everything changes exponentially each and every day. The Internet has changed our lives more than anything else in the last 20 years. The way we communicate with people, the way we interact with our environment, and even the way we buy things — all of that has changed significantly. According to official data, when looking for a new house, more than 90% of buyers use the Internet to find their ideal home. For the first time ever, real estate SEO is becoming a serious market.

Between 2008 and 2012, the number of real estate-related searches increased dramatically — by nearly 260%! This trend offers plenty of opportunities for realtors, and naturally, it allows them to improve and expand their business. SEO is a very important factor when we’re talking about online content, and if a company wants to provide their readers with useful and engaging material, they need to do proper research and use the right SEO techniques.

Should every realtor use real estate SEO to improve and expand their business? Absolutely! Realtors should use real estate SEO to provide their readers with the best value as well. As long as you use it appropriately, both sides will benefit from this powerful technique.

SEO for realtors allows you to effectively target specific keyword phrases

Real Estate SEORemember, keyword targeting is everything in the world of SEO. The more effective you are at targeting the right keywords, the more profitable your business will be. At the same time, the better content your readers will get as well.

If we look at real estate SEO, we can see that 69% of home buyers begin their online search by typing in “[name of the city] realtor.” Many realtors focus on one specific city (or area), but eventually, they expand into other regions as well. This strategy is what we recommend too — start off by focusing on one area, and then, as your business grows, you can target other areas as well.

Once you’ve established your business (and website), real estate SEO can help you target specific keywords. For example, you can target “homes for sale” and add the name of your city. You can also use a term like “real estate agent” and add the name of your city again. So, if someone from Glendale wanted to buy a particular home, they would type in “Glendale homes for sale,” and they would easily find your website. The same thing would apply to real estate agents as well.

You can target specific keyword phrases on your own, but you will quickly realize how painful the whole procedure is. With real estate SEO, however, all of that will change, and your life will become so much easier!

It also allows you to write specific blog posts about homes that you are trying to sell

Another great advantage of real estate SEO is that it allows you to focus on the exact houses that you are trying to sell. By writing specific posts about them, you can attract many home buyers to your website, and on the other hand, you will also give your readers useful information about the home they are interested in. Real estate SEO is one of the realtors’ most powerful tools, and you need to use it properly. You can read some guides on writing content that ranks or just use our SEO services that would include blogging as well.

When using SEO for realtors, you should focus on the address of a specific property. That way, you will understand what home buyers are looking for when they use Google. You can (and should) treat an address as a keyword, and you should follow all the best SEO practices for realtors. Namely, you should use your keyword in the meta description, title tag, file name of your photos, alt tag of the photos, and content itself. Only this way will you be able to make your content 100% SEO-friendly, and as a result, attract a wider audience.

Real estate SEO will also help you take full advantage of your photos and videos

One thing where realtor SEO really shines is giving you full control of all photos and videos on your website. This fact alone should encourage every realtor to use real estate SEO when creating engaging online content.

While we have many different CMS (Content Management System) platforms that can accomplish this without any techniques whatsoever, real estate SEO does it perfectly. The better your photos and videos are, the easier you will attract different home buyers.

Every home buyer likes to see some exclusive footage of the house they are interested in. If you can back that up with some high-quality video tours as well, even better!

You can consider capturing some testimonials on your video as well. In fact, we recommend getting a testimonial every time you’re trying to sell a house. Get a good camera and record a high-quality testimonial on the spot. This act will easily attract everyone who is interested in buying that particular house.

Bottom line — real estate SEO is a must for every realtor who wants to maximize their opportunities

Being a realtor in the 21st century can be very difficult. But, being a realtor who doesn’t know how to incorporate real estate SEO into their website is even more painful.

If you are running a real estate business, you need to use SEO for realtors, as it will help you expand your business greatly. Not only that — it will also provide many home buyers with helpful content.

Without real estate SEO, both sides will have issues. You won’t be able to find enough potential buyers, and people will struggle to get the right information. The solution? The sooner you start implementing real estate SEO, the better for both sides!