Write For Us

Write For Us

write for usNot that long ago, I would always keep ignoring all the emails that ask me if they could contribute towards this blog. That was a massive mistake. Quite recently, I learned that guest posts are very beneficial for both – the blog and the contributor.

By contributing for this blog, you will gain exposure for your product(s) or your service(s). Monetary speaking, free of charge. Of course, it might “cost” you some time to write according to our requirements but as a reward, you will gain lots of exposure and SEO value.

Unlike most blogs, we actually encourage to keep several (yes, not just one but several) links within content. That alone is a massive link juice to page(s) because content links are so much better than author bio kind of links. Believe me, I have been into SEO for over a decade now and I would know a thing or two. Sadly, most SEO “gurus” are greedy and won’t share their link juice with others … thus hurting themselves, actually.

Worry not though, by contributing to this blog you will be awarded with lots of SEO link juice and we will keep your links do-follow because sharing is wealth, right? Not to mention, you will also gain a ton of eyeballs on your post(s) and loyal readers and fans.

So, if you are intrigued to contribute, I have made a set of certain rules that have to be obligated (unless your content is super killing, might make an exception or two). So, here are some requirements:

  • 1,500+ words long
  • Internet marketing related
  • Unique, original, exclusive for DonMazonas.com

1,500+ words long

Most guides written by me on this blog reaches over 2,500 words long. Some of them are over 4,000 words long. While I do not require you to write such lengthy guest posts, actually, I would suggest to keep it under 3,000 words long because people might not have much time to read such long articles. I also understand that going deeply into the subject will convince readers that you are expert on this particular subject and the article can easily reach several thousand word count. That is perfectly fine. I have no word count limit, however, if your article is under 1,500 words long then you might not be able to convey the message properly and the article might be low quality.

Internet marketing related

This is obvious. DonMazonas.com is all about internet marketing. Therefore, my readers are not interested in any other subject. It would not make any sense to post anything outside this niche anyway. Therefore, if your guest post is not IM related, I cannot accept it. Here’s a short list of sub-niches that I am looking to get some content for:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Media buying
  • Traffic generation
  • Make money online
  • Leads generation

However, there are some certain topics that I will not approve under any circumstances:

  • BizOp / MLM kind of bullshit (if you are not sure what that is, you can always contact me for more clarification)
  • Shaming another marketing or company in a guest post
  • Using negative words in title or throughout the contect (titles like “Is [company name] truly scam? Find out”)
  • Copied or plagiarised

Uniqueness and originality

Under no circumstances do I ever accept plagiarised and not-original posts. As a matter of fact, all the guest posts that you contribute to this blog have to be written for this blog exclusively. I will be checking for plagiarism manually and using CopyScape to make sure that the post is not copied and slightly rewritten. I will also be checking already published guest posts to make sure that you do not resubmit the same post somewhere else.

Links and interlinks

Most other people who accept guest posts ask you to create an author bio where you put more information about yourself with a link or two to your site(s). I, unfortuantely, not need author bio. You must embed links within content. Actually, you can have 2-3 (or even more, if appropriate) links to your pages (links have to be to different pages though, it’s pointless to have two or more links to the same page from the same page).

You are also encouraged to take a look around the blog and insert couple of links to other posts or pages. If you do not, I will do it myself. Interlinks is a small part of ranking factor, if you are not using them, you could, potentially, losing ranking power. You can learn more about these on this post I wrote not that long ago.

Absolutely under no circumstances do I accept affiliate links. All affiliate links will be removed. As a matter of fact, I retain the rights to change those links to my affiliate links. However, I am service-kind-of-person, therefore, I will probably not going to have any affiliate links.


Please do provide all the images you need to post. If there are no images, I will try my best to find most appropriate images I can find. I would require at least 1 image per 500 words. If your post is 2,000 words long, 4-5 images would be amazing.

It would also be great if you could provide featured image. If you cannot then I will sort it out myself.

The formatting

Make sure that your article is properly formatted with headings and subheadings. I do not require capitalising first letter of each word for titles and subheadings. Unless it is normal to capitalise a word (person’s name, company or product name, country, etc ….).

You are welcome to bold, italic and even underline certain words and phrase you see appropriate. You do this, normally, to emphasise a point or a message you wish to try to convey.

Other things worth noting

I retain rights to the article. I retain rights to reject or approve any guest post proposal and even when the full article is emailed. I retain the rights to remove any links that I see inappropriate (affilaite links, links to unrelated subjects/sites). I retain the rights to delete your guest post(s), edit them, etc …

Having said that, I promise you to leave your guest posts as they were written. I consider deleting the post only if you republish it somewhere else and I cannot sort it out peacefully (asking the other blogger to remove it due to plagiarism and stuff like that). When you posts get published, I would only consider to edit or remove your links if the website or page you linked to no longer works. I will also edit or remove links if the page that links link to redirect to another page than originally intended (for example, faking a real site to get post published and then redirecting the page or entire website to another site or affiliate offer).

Lastly, how to submit it

In order to get your guest post published, first, you will need to email me with any of the writing/guest posting/blog posting you have done before. You also have to tell me what you are going to write about. If there are too many posts about the same subject I may reject it straigh away and/or suggest something similar but not quite the same subject.

Once I approve your proposal, you will need to email me entire guest post with all the formatting, links and images inserted. Send it via email and attach it as .doc or .docx.

Once you send me, I will take a look and if there are any changes required from your side, I will let you know about them. If the post is good to go, I shall publish it (with all the edits, etc …) within 2 weeks. Usually, it takes 2-3 days but sometimes I get busier and guest posts get to wait a little longer. If I get too many guest posts, I may schedule them at the rate of 1 a day. I will let you know the approximate date of its releasing (shouldn’t be longer than a week or so).

My commitment

Apart from editing and publoshing your guest post in a timely manner, I promise to promote your guest posts on all the social media that I run – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube (although, I do not vlog about IM yet but this might happen in the future).