What the hell happened in January and why I paused blogging?


I believe when I started blogging here, I was onto a very good start. I blogged every now and then. I am sure I do quality blog posts that have value and help people out.

However, January for me (and most likely every businessman for that matter) is always a hectic month, especially when I am about to graduate this year. I had a deadline for a part of my university project. Then I had to replace my old accountant with the new one due to … well, personal reasons, do paperwork for accounting and all that other shit.

I was also kind of preparing for my Lindy Hop Marathon. You can read about it here. This is another passion of mine which I am pursuing … quite heavily.

I also reached over 1,000+ followers on Twitter which means that I will create a blog post about how you can do the same.

I also plan on reducing price of my Content Mastery – from $47 down to $7 and perhaps create more useful guides for about the same amount of money.

So, February is going to be another hectic month for me but this time it is going to be business related rather than something that does not pay me. Much better this way ­čśÇ

That is all for today. I will keep you updated soon.

Have a good week.