Traffic Source #5 of 12: Increase Traffic Using Virtual Summits

Traffic Source #5 of 12: Increase Traffic Using Virtual Summits

Virtual summits are hot right now, and all for a good reason. Hosting a virtual summit is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to generate traffic, leads and eventually sales for your business not matter the type of industry/niche.

What is a virtual summit?

Virtual summits are one of the most effective lead generation tools today. Basically, it is a collaborative online event where speakers are interviewed by a host in front of an audience. It is very close to an online conference but the difference is that you have presentation from 30 or more experts on a specific topic.

If you are a first timer, you have to give yourself time to advertise and execute the perfect virtual summit.  You need the time to effectively recruit the speakers and turn them into partners. Do not rush the virtual summit process if you want to succeed.  If you launch too soon, it can be easy to mess up the virtual summit.

Live summits offer more opportunity for engagement with the audience. Ensure you keep an eye on the cost of everything so you do not spend more than you will make.  You will need to pay for partnerships, copywriting and the design all of which need professional intervention.

Defining your target audience and create the perfect topics

Before you host a virtual summit, you have to figure out who it is for and why. You want to attract people within your industry or niche and that is the first step. Build an email list of people who fit the description of your target audience. to get great topics and questions, do a questionnaire or survey on all social media platforms so you can get a feel of what people want.

How to identify and recruit speakers for your virtual summit

You need to find yourself people who will provide great content for the audience. This means that they must be well experinced in that specific industry. People love to see great and growing names, which is why you should push yourself to do just that. Big names attract great masses, encourage a sense of community and create a social proof which is great for increasing traffic on your site.

Getting your speakers is a 4 step process. You need to build a list, go through it to scrubbing out the people who did not give you feedback, conduct an outreach to the speakers who responded and finally communicate with and manage the speakers who are attending.

Your competition is your greatest asset in the virtual summit

While community is much greater then competition, the latter could help you learn a thing or two about your industry or niche. It offers a chance for you to befriend, accept and work with your competition. The main goal is to educate the attendees, speakers and yourself about the specific industry.  It will not hurt to promote them in your virtual summit as they will be willing to return the favour. This is a great way to share audiences and ultimately increase the traffic on your website.

Benefits of hosting a virtual summit

Virtual summits are known to help website owners build some influence through one way or another.Virtual networking can build a lot of relationships, and peer to peer learning can create endless value for your business. It gives you the chance to meet with leaders who are on the same space as you and this will always present some opportunity for you.

Hosting a virtual summit will need a lot of work but is so much simpler when compared to live events.

The speakers want to get exposure to a new audience

Speakers benefit from exposure to a warm or new market. When audiences watch presentations by people they see, it creates a new and trustworthy relationship. It works much faster than podcasts and blogging.  Speakers also have a chance to grow their email lists through the free opt-in and ads they run for the summit.

Become a catalyst for positive change in a certain niche

As the host, you get to coordinate the event and bring together influential people. The event would not happen without your intervention. This means that most people will be grateful for the event organization.

Traffic and Lead generation

Virtual summits have been proven to be extremely effective when it comes to generating traffic, sales and options. It offers you potential to view talks from hundreds or experts on topics that attract more people than a simple webinar. With great incentives, you will be able to crowd source your marketing and can promote the event.

Product development

Even though the summits are free for the first couple of days you go live, you can turn them into a product after they are closed.  The content you create during the virtual summit is very valuable plus it is very unlikely that the audience can take in all the information from the speakers during the live sessions.

Brand exposure

It is normal for the live event to attract a few hundred people the first time you host it. If you do it well, you could reach thousands of people to your first organised virtual event. If you already have an audience then you could reach tens of thousands of people. The virtual event executes a nice promotion and content distribution which can lead to increased traffic on your website.  The benefit of building your summit comes from spread of word by the attendees and the speakers.


The attendees are an audience for fresh information and insights. This is why you always have behind the scenes time with the speakers. You can share ideas and discuss all the problems plus their solution. It is a chance for both you and your audience to learn new things around your niche.

Networking and developing influencer relationships

A virtual summit is your chance to host a talk with some professionals and the audience.  You not only get to host, talk with the speakers and pick their brains but also get the chance to build and strengthen relationships. These relationships can hold incredible value in the future for you and your business.

Forging new relationships with the influencers and connecting with the attendees is a great way for the summit to benefits your business. It offers you an opportunity to reach out to people and start conversations with people who are well respected and those who are interested in your niche. It gives you the perfect opportunity and reason to make contact and offer people opportunity to interact and speak their mind. If people like what they see, there is a high chance they will be visiting your website in the future for more content on that niche.

Grow your online community membership

If you own a website for your business, you must also have functioning social media pages for it. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest can create a lot of traffic for your website when used right.  A virtual summit is a great way to interact with your social media community. You can give the access to the virtual summit where they can ask questions, mingle and interact with other people.

Email list building

Typical virtual summits offer a free option for your registers to upgrade for a small fee. With that, they can get a lifetime access to all the content in the event. Even if they do not upgrade, you still get some email addresses.

How do you do it? By leveraging the email lists of the speakers you invite to the virtual summit. When the guest speaker or the other affiliates on your summit promote the event t the audience through the email list blast, they include an affiliate link. The link directs the subscribers on the email list to the summit and also your website.

A chance to create some revenue

Virtual summits are very profitable, you can earn up to tens of thousands in revenue with just a few summits.  The revenue is not bad considering that the financial benefits are hood for your business in comparison to other marketing methods. It is a good investment for your personal brand or business.  The ROI on virtual summits is incredible and the traffic to your website is probably unbelievable.

Myths about virtual summits

Virtual summits have the ability to grow your email list, increase traffic and membership in your online community, build a relationship with website owners and influencers in your niche, earn you more revenue and increase the opportunities for visibility and closure.  It is no surprise that many people are unfamiliar with how they work to provide benefits. Many people believe the myths and misconceptions about virtual summits and this

You need established business to launch a virtual summit

You do not need a wide email list and social media following to host the perfect virtual summit. In real sense, they are perfect for beginners who want to establish themselves as experts in their niche very fast. The main purpose is to elevate your business. Virtual summits are a fast marketing technique that will increase your following and that includes the traffic on your website.

Virtual summits do not work in some specific niches

Many entrepreneurs trying to grow a business attend virtual summits based on topics like marketing, branding and others. This leads them to believe that summits revolve around these topics, which is not true. You can create a virtual summit on practically any topic as long as it is promoting your business and your niche

You need to be famous to attract other influencers

A virtual summit is the perfect win- win situation for your business, the attendees as well as the representatives.  As the host, you get some benefits but so do the guest speakers and the attendees. They receive exposure to a new audience and free training respectfully.  Even when you are new to the business, you can put together a professional summit and you will get influencers to attended because they are also looking for the benefits.

Launching a virtual summit is not beneficial for your business

Many infoprenuers will discourage you from hosting a summit when you are new to the business. Why launch the one-time event when you can use that money and time to create other marketing programmes instead?  The answer to that is simple. A virtual summit can be put together in less time and will benefit you in multiple ways simultaneously.  The summit is far much easier than any online course or any other SEO strategy.

You have to host a virtual summit progressively for it to work

Hosting a virtual summit once does not mean you have to do it every week or every month. You can host it yearly or even after a couple of years if you like. It will still pick up if you offer the right content on your course. If you are looking to increase traffic to your business and website drastically then you can host a couple of summits in the same time frame.

Virtual summits take a long time to launch

You can launch a virtual summit in a month or two depending on the niche and the time you have dedicated to the event. One great thing about hosting a virtual summit is that you have hard deadline which pushes you to do the best you can within the time frame.

Technology required for virtual summits is very complicated

If you have launches an online course before, no need to worry (even if you have not). The same technology used to create online course can be used for virtual summits. They are easy to use and understand and will not cost you a lot.

Virtual summits are expensive to host and launch

Virtual summits cannot be compared to online courses. Unlike the courses, the summits do not give you any pressure to be correct and upbeat all the time.  In the summit, you actually get to interview the speakers and utilize a more personal approach. They offer a way to share free training with the attendees and also learn from some people who are more experienced.

Summarising the virtual summits

Hosting a summit requires a huge amount of time, energy and commitment. The benefits of hosting a summit outweigh all the negatives, plus you get to drive more traffic and leads into your business. It does not matter if it is your first time hosting a virtual summit, you will always get an audience who appreciate your ability and willingness to teach them something new in your area of expertise. The great thing about summits is that you(the host) the guest speakers and attendees all benefit from the talks.