Traffic Source #6 of 12: Get Traffic Using Virtual Conferences

Traffic Source #6 of 12: Get Traffic Using Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are more than just webinars.  They are more like interactive live panels and micro sites that are dedicated to one single purpose which is promoting an event, product or website. Virtual conferences are a popular medium for website and industry owners to develop and even reach larger audiences.

You can use virtual websites for marketing, recruitment, sales, education, and business in different industries, online events, cheaper in person events and even building awareness around your brand. This post should help you understand the value of hosting a virtual conference and you should also know how to organise and host your own virtual conference by the end of it.

What is a virtual conference?

It is basically a conference with uncountable rooms filled with vendors who are trying to sell a product to people who are watching for the best.  In conferences, you run into pros in specific industries and niches and also some influential leaders. Conferences are exiting and you get to hear leaders and influencers share their lessons and tips from experiences in the field. Now the good thing with virtual conferences is that you will not have to leave the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is log into an event where you meet and interact with different people on messaging platforms.  In the rooms/web pages, you can watch speakers give their knowledge in a live or recorded video. The difference between the virtual conference and a real live one is that you can get access to the information at your own time.

How to plan a and execute a virtual conference

Before you start planning, you need to get all your affairs in order. You need to decide who will manage the whole project to ensure it comes out flawless and in time. Write down all the activities to ensure you have a timeline of all your events, who needs to do them and when they are to be completed. This allows you to stay ahead of time and produce good quality work.

Virtual conference in 5 simple steps

Set a clear vision

This basically entails what you need the event to look like. State all the topics you want to and expect to cover in the event. How many registrations would you want in the event?  All this is very important for your speaker outreach. These pointers determine your target audience and selling points.  They also help you find the right speakers for that kind of audience.

Conduct an outreach fir the speakers

One of the most important steps you need to follow to produce a great virtual conference is to get the right kind of speakers. Getting speakers from your industry will help you build the right relationships. Associating the brand with the right experts will make your business more credible and drive more traffic to your website.

Get experts that are within your company to speak on the main issues and promote your event by giving their points and interviewing some employee and other experts. This will show the attendees how trusted you are in that industry.

When you reach various people who you want to speak in your event, ensure they know what they get from participating in the event.  Tell the speakers about other experts and speakers that are going to attend the conference and do not forget to explain the purpose of the whole event.

In the follow up emails to the speakers, ensure you recap all the information you provided while you were booking them. Confirm their schedules and list all the deadlines of the event.

Create some assets

Landing pages are selling points in virtual conferences and help you get the speakers and attendees.  Do not expect to have many people signing up if the event does not look serious, sharp or entertaining.  The landing page should have the agenda and sessions of the event. It should also highlight all the benefits of attending and the speakers that are going to e featured.

For the live Q&A, let the speaker choose the topic but ensure it is within your industry. Ensure they have plenty of research from other interviews and blogs so they can make the content unique. Introduce the speakers to your workers and review the list of all questions and content you want to present.  Do a final check a couple of days before the event to ensure everything is top notch.

Recorded interviews are not much different.  You basically have to do everything the same but redo all the important questions to make them more valid to your industry and the audience.

Promote the event

This is an important part of the process but the most difficult one.  The host, speakers and employees in your business are largely responsible for this part of the virtual conference.  The speakers can use their email lists, blogs and social profiles to promote the event.

Each speaker can send an email to their audience and post about the upcoming virtual conference as a way to promote it. You can make it easier by creating packages that contain pre-written blogs emails and social media images about the event.

How will they use blog posts to promote the event? Brainstorm posts and base them on the topics that you will discuss in the virtual conference.  You can also avoid making the posts promotional and opt to insert an advertisement for the post.

For the social media posts, make sure the speakers are posting about the virtual conference two months before the event. Discussing the event on a daily basis will get more people to sign up for the event.

Launching the event

  • Before you launch your virtual conferences, cross check on the following
  • Ensure that all the recorded events were hosted on a popular platform like YouTube
  • Test all the landing pages
  • Send reminders to the audiences consecutively so they can remember to watch the event
  • Remind the speakers to long in an hour before the event.

While hosting the event, you should live up to the following

  • Monitor the hashtag on your social;;
  • And ensure everyone has an easy access to the virtual conference.

Benefits of a virtual conference

It generates more varied revenues

Virtual conferences are great for associations who want to boost their membership registration and renewal.  You simply provide members with the opportunity to attend the conference. Presenting sponsors and partners to the conference gives you extra revenues and you can also promote your products through the emails to the attendees.

More engaged participation which leads to your website

It is very rare to experience a decrease in attendance when you are hosting a virtual conference as compared to an in-person attendance.  They attract a different audience and also attract a virtual crowed. In this digital age, more people are bound to attend and promote virtual conferences simply because they have access to them.

They help associations boost membership registration by providing many people with the opportunity to attend an online conference.  By offering virtual only offers for events and products and advertising to the virtual audience, you increase the number of people attending the event. When people like what they see, they will eventually go to your website for more content on that niche.

During the presentation, communication is put on hold when you are hosting and in person conference, for virtual conferences, the discussions are not one–sided. The opportunity is open to all the people in the audiences.  The live discussions during the virtual conference make everything engaging and more informative.

The benefits go both ways. The attendees get to learn a thing or two about your business and that industry and they get to participate in the discussion. You impart your knowledge on people and also get more leads for your website.

A virtual conference has a longer conference lifeline

The memory form a virtual conference can live on in a person for a very long time. The virtual conference offers a online record of the presentation and the attendees. This means that the content can be repackaged and repurposed, and this gives everyone the opportunity to learn from the conference. If it goes well you as the host can monetize it.

Simple tips to help host the perfect virtual conference

Ensure you content has a strong context

While you may think otherwise, it is fairly easy to get different presenters and schedule them for a virtual conference. The problem is that the attendees will cherry pick on who they want to listen to and not many will learn anything.

To deliver value and impact with your virtual conference, you have to ensure you are curetting the right experience by adding some extreme value in your content.

Make marketing easy for other people

The greatest promoters for your content are people who have something to win or lose out of it. The promoters include the sponsors, presenters, and exhibitors or maybe even the attendees. The vendors/sponsors of the conference can use their social media channels and emails to market the event to their

Get meaningful social

One of the common criticisms with the virtual conference is that you will not get to manage the same interaction with face to face events.  While face to face interactions have more agreeable qualities that lack in the virtual conferences, the quality of interaction you get from virtual conferences is considerably high.  If you put some effort into your conference, it will do very well.

Use live videos

Some platforms make streaming live videos a great part of virtual conferences. Live videos are mire heartfelt, intimate and personal and will help you boost the attendee engagement. Making a live video before posting the pre-recorded video has the potential to increase your numbers in the virtual conference. When the live is turned off, you should e ready with the actual presentation of the conference.

Plan for stronger customer support

One way to show that your event is professional is through providing a clear and competent learner support. Today, many people are accustomed to using tech that makes virtual events easy to access. So you need to ensure that everyone understands the logistics of your event, the time of the sessions, accessibility and all other recordings related to the virtual conference.  Help anyone who will need your support to access the virtual conference and let all the attendees know their support options through the emails.

Prime the presenters for success

Line up all the great leaders you can think of for each sessions of your virtual conference.  Remember, all the presenters will benefits from the opportunities, feedbacks and support they get from speaking on the virtual conference.  Make sure they have a great understanding of the event and what they should expect.

Treat the attendees more like collaborators

The attendees are actually valuable collaborators when it is time to market the event.  They can use social tools to discuss about the event. They are very valuable contributors to the learning experience.

Featuring them in the sessions and content will increase your marketing potential and the number of people who attend the virtual conference. You can actually leverage materials submitted by the attendees and use them for your conference. It gives you the opportunity to address all the questions and discuss any of the content you want to cover in the event.

Leverage sponsors as partners

Depending on the kind of business you run, you can work with the vendors as sponsors of your current business model. A virtual event is a great opportunity to expand your business and bring in more clients through traffic.

Sponsors in this case are companies that sell services and products that offer relevancy and value to your target audience. What they are selling should complement your niche/business.  By leveraging sponsors, you also get to monetize the virtual conference. They pay you for displaying their logos, products and sending product links to the attendees.

Take advantage of the medium

Virtual conferences are a mirror of what happens in a face to face conference. Elements like breakouts, keynote presentation and networking opportunities increases your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

Final word

Virtual conferences do not substitute for in person events but they complement them very well. Attendees are able to get involved in the events even when they are travelling and at the comfort of their homes. They learn something about your niche or industry.  You, the host, on the other hand get to show off your knowledge on the subject matter and get more traffic to your website as well as leads. Virtual conferences are a win- win situation for everyone who is involved.

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