How To Create A Twitter Widget For Your Website or Blog?

How To Create A Twitter Widget For Your Website or Blog?

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It is a known fact that the popularity of your business isn’t about how many people are aware of it rather it is about how many are actually your customers. 

Different social media platforms have opened a plethora of opportunities for marketers and businesses to target a greater audience. 

Huge investments have been made by the businesses lately in their social media marketing. But just reaching the customer and advertising your product won’t cut it for you. 

Social media for users is all about awareness, engagement, information exploring & sharing, communication and relationship building. And not all social platforms are able to provide these aspects to the consumers. 

Twitter although it is one such platform that has the potential to satisfy consumer’s social experience expectations at maximum touchpoints. 

And Twitter hasn’t been as highlighted as other platforms have been for their use for commercial benefits. 

We have discussed here how Twitter is tremendously helpful for your business and how you can create a twitter widget on your website. 

Twitter for Commerce

Twitter is a micro-blogging macro-exposure social media platform with global news accessibility, information-sharing, communication, and engagement aesthetics. Twitter is an ecosystem of micro-messaging, news sharing, advertising, trends exploration, B2B, B2C, and C2C interactions. 

There are over 500 million tweets being sent every day with a monthly active population of over 325 million and an average user following at least five business accounts and over 80% of the users mentioning a brand in their tweet.

The opportunities that Twitter presence for your business are immeasurable. With its all-round characteristics and best social media audience diversity, Twitter can generate higher returns on minimal investments. 

Here are some commercial advantages you can reap from Twitter marketing and its embedding in your websites.

  1. Amplify reach and product awareness to a diverse group of a global audience 
  2. Interaction, engagement, and connection among businesses and consumers.
  3. Relationship and community building through communications leading to customer loyalty
  4. Identify the perfect target audience through audience insights & analytics
  5. Curate and aggregate user-generated content and re-market it to build social proof and gain more sales & customers
  6. Build your brand image through valuable content sharing
  7. Display real-time feed on your website for better engagement & easy sneak-peeks to your business
  8. Channelize traffic to your website
  9. And enhance the consumer experience through merging social media with your website.
  10. Last but not least, gain more leads, conversions, and revenue growth. 

These benefits can be derived through the simple process of creating and adding a Twitter widget to your website. 

It is an easy and simple process to embed a Twitter widget to your website. We have listed 2 ways through which you can create a twitter widget for your website. 

Different Ways To Create Twitter Widget For Website

  1. Twitter widget through Twitter

Twitter has its own diverse range of widgets that can be embedded onto your website. These can be classified into what content you want to display. 

You can embed widget for a Timeline, Tweets, Profiles, Hashtags, Handle, list and more based on your requirement. 

Here’s a Twitter guide as to how you can embed the Twitter’s own widget on your website through simple embed code. 

Once you enter your required embed feature from twitter, It will generate an embed code for the feed. 

You can then copy and paste that link on to the concerned webpage of your website where you want to display it. 

It is a trustworthy, responsive, and secure way to embed Twitter widget directly from Twitter. 

But this has its limitations as User-generated quality content is available through different hashtags, handles, profiles, keywords and much more. So, how would you add these multiple aspects on your website? 

Well! Twitter aggregation tools do that for you with just a single widget and multi-purposes. 

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  1. Twitter aggregation widget

Twitter aggregation is the process of aggregating content from twitter on to a single feed from different hashtags, handles, keywords, and timelines. 

Twitter aggregation widget is extremely resourceful for your website as it gives you the options of accumulating diversified content, feed customization, content moderation, on-screen announcements, Hashtag highlighting, adding shoppability, and much more.

There are various Twitter aggregation tools available in the market for your benefit. 

So, choose the best one and most of them will provide you with the option of free signup and a widget feed creation without any cost. 

Here are the steps for Twitter widget creation for your website and blog

  1. Open a twitter aggregation tool webpage, SignUp, and select create a feed. 
  2. Choose Twitter as a content source from different social media platforms available
  3. Log In and enter the instructions for keywords, hashtags or profiles that you want to display on your feed
  4. Go to personalize and choose Widget Theme.
  5. Select the embed to website option and then choose HTML for embed code generation
  6. Choose the size of the widget feed that you want to display on your website.
  7. You will get the embed code, copy the code and paste it on the webpage of your website where you want to display it.

Tadaa! You have the live Twitter feed widget embedded on your website with all the creative and interactive content. 

Besides HTML, you also get the options of embedding it on WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify or Squarespace website. 

Closing Statement

Both of these are options are extremely easy to implement and cost-effective with the potential to amplify your traffic, conversions, and sales. 

Besides, these aggregation tools are not just restricted to Twitter, you can even aggregate content from various other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Twitter is a distinct platform with tremendous engagement and growth opportunities. So, it is strongly advised that you make the most of readily available opportunities for your sales and business magnification. 

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