12 traffic sources to increase traffic to your website

12 traffic sources to increase traffic to your website

Web traffic sourcesIn this digital era, everyone is focusing on how to market their business and product(s) while increasing their clients online. While online marketing sounds easy, there is a lot you will have to do to get people to visit your website. The competition in every field does not make it easy for beginners to get brand recognition and a huge clientele. To grow your business, you will need time, consistency and smart moves.

Before we begin, please note that we have not mentioned SEO, social media or list building – you can download Traffic Torrent System that talks about that in great detail. Also, every Wednesday there will be a new blog post talking about each and every traffic source mentioned in this post so within next 10 weeks or so, you will learn how to increase traffic to your website significantly.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

  1. Blogging

Blogging should be one of the first priorities for you website. Essentially, it does not matter what type of company you own. You need to analyse the brand and really understand what you have to offer. Without the right content, people will not visit your page on the daily basis. Blogs give your potential client a reason to come back. To add on that, it helps improve your SEO strategy for the website. In turn, you get major benefits in organic lead generation.

There are many ways to utilise the blogging such as posting on external platforms (medium.com, etc …). You can also do quote round ups, fix expired content, etc … we will cover all that next Wednesday (3rd of July ,2019).

2. Free online courses, audioboks, eBooks, etc …

This will automatically drive traffic and leads to your website. There are a couple of websites like teachable and udemy that could facilitate this. Pay attention to what course you are offering. The course you offer should be related to the content on your website. Make sure it has value to the students but, perhaps, does not teach everything that you normally teach in your paid courses. Otherwise, your readers wouldn’t have a need to actually buy your paid course. However, you don’t need to release a course – you can also use eBooks and Audiobooks as lead generation to get readers into your sales funnel.

3. High quality infographics

Infographics have been proven to approve to people more than the content on your website. You can use high quality infographics as a form of click bait. You can use infographics on your social media pages as well as your website. Make sure you link the infographics to your website to lure in more traffic.

You can also use inforgraphics directories – these will greatly boost exposure of your infographic. The best thing is that other webmasters or just visitors might decide to share your piece of work thus giving you extra exposure.

4. Guest posting

Guest posts can work really great for SEO. Guest posts can also drive massive targeted traffic to your business. What you need to do is find blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. You will then contact the blog owner(s) and pitch your guest post idea. If they accept it then you will proceed with writing the actual piece of content (or outsource), send it to the blog onwer(s) and get it published with your link or two back to your site. I will write in great detail how this process actually works with samples and tips.

Also, if you are into internet marketing niche, you can always write for us as long as you follow the rules outlined.

5. Virtual summits

Virtual summits have potential to pay off in form of new traffic and leads. Hosting a virtual event is so much better and cost-effective because you don’t need to invest in hotels and event venues. Everybody can use Google Hangouts or Skype. The way it works is that a host is interviewing the experts on a chosen subject and attendees can learn from them. We will be discussing this in great detail soon.

6. Virtual conferences

Similarly to virtual summits, conference can be a great traffic generation tool. Instead of being interviewed by a host, all conference participants actually discuss a certain subject. This can be great to solve certain problems and learn from each other. Also, conference can be private (only among participating members) or public (where other people can listen/watch online. If it is public then you have a massive opportunity to gain leads and traffic to your website.

7. Host a webinar

Hosting webinars can be very cheap and very effective. The way it works is you discuss or educate the participants on a certain subjects. If you are launching a new product soon, webinars can help with converting cold traffic (visitors who don’t know you, sees/hears you for the first time or never heard of your product(s) before) into potential buyers and actual buyers.

Webinars can help in showcasing how an upcoming product is going to work and how it will help its users. Not only that – webinars can also be either video ir audio. That means that you can also show things in video format which can make your message clearer. Also, webinars can be live or can be pre-created and scheduled on regular basis. So if you have a webinar that teaches about 10 traffic sources then you can easily schedule your webinar to go “live” every Monday at 8 AM GMT or something like that. We will be discussing this in great detail soon.

8. Blog commenting

This is basically the relationship between you and the readers on your blogs.  The readers and viewers who visit your page will likely leave a comment and expect you to give a response. Through responding, you share major knowledge with the clients and create a relationship between you and the potential clients. Blog commenting leads to backlinks, brand recognition and most importantly increase traffic to your website. While this used to be wildly used for SEO, it is now used more for traffic generation.

9. Create a viral questionnaire or quiz

If you have paid attention to online advertisements, you notice that some things tend to go viral on different platforms. When it comes to websites, viral questionnaires and quizzes are popular. You can base the content on popular TV shows, movies, celebrities or just regular activities. Fun questionnaires will direct traffic to your website some of which is converted to leads.

10. Forums

In this day and age, there is probably no niche withouta forum (or many). In internet marketing niche, we have quite many big forums (BlackHatWorld, DigitalPoint, WarriorForum, etc …) and they work great as a traffic generation tool. I would know this as I am having a great success getting traffic to this blog. It simply works by registering on forums and posting valuable messages. Spam is going to get you banned very quickly so you shouldn’t post pointless messages. Most forums allow links in signatures and also every forum has a “website” field when you register/edit your profile. If you post valuable messages, help others out, etc … then your signature links are likely to be noticed by many.

11. Question/Answer wesbites

There was time when Yahoo Answers was a very popular platform to answer the questions. Now Quora has taken over but that does not mean that you should dismiss Yahoo! Answers. The way it works is you find your niche in these platforms and begin answering the questions given by other people. Of course, you shouldn’t spam your links but you are allowed and encouraged to actually drop a link to a relevant post/website if it fits the question.

12. Post useful and engaging content on Redditt

Reddit is a very popular platform; you can use it to engage in conversations with people across the whole world. Take the opportunity to share useful information and make yourself popular on the website. Reddit is very popular, which make all the links you use from the site very good at boosting your visibility and ultimately driving more traffic to your website.