Traffic Blueprint – how to drive massive traffic to your website

Traffic Blueprint – how to drive massive traffic to your website

Traffic BlueprintHi all. Welcome to 2019. I wish you the very best year ahead and full of adventure, success, love and health.

Alright, to start the 2019 powerfully, I would like to talk about Traffic Blueprint – or how to get massive traffic. In this (sort of) guide, I go over the 5 types of traffic. This is only overview and each type of traffic will be covered in more details over the next blog posts.

Engagement traffic

It is the kind of traffic that requires you to engage in order to gain traffic. It’s great as engaging increase your authority. People who visit your profiles and website(s) are very interested in what you have to say and offer. These visitors could easily be potential buyers because they already invested time in reading/listening/watching what you have to say and looking at your profiles.

Engagement traffic includes participating in forums and various social network groups (such as LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups). Engagement traffic also includes in reading various blogs and commenting. Of course, spamming is not working but meaningful comments that add value to the post are always welcome to every blog.

Content marketing traffic

It’s another type of traffic that requires quite a bit of time. If done right, you will get a ton of traffic. The most common method is to write a very compelling article and publish it on high traffic websites that are very targeted to your niche. Of course, you can write for Don Mazonas as long as it’s related to Internet Marketing.

Another content marketing traffic type is content repurpose. It is indeed used as link building method, however, here we are talking about recreating really nice content based on current blog post(s). If you have, for example, Traffic Blueprint – 5 types of traffic methods that will bring you massive traffic – you can create an infographic, a very nice and fancy infographic and publish it on various blogs, social media pages (if it goes viral, you get a lot of shares and traffic). You can also create videos, podcasts, etc …

Search engine marketing

This is anything to do with search engines. Especially SEO (search engine optimisation). If website ranks in top 5 for various keywrods, it is likely that it will get a lot of organic traffic (the traffic that comes from search engines). It is very powerful and there are SEO services that actually help a lot.

In order to do SEO properly, it is importnat to do link building. Apart from that, SEO has a lot to do with the content of the website. Tere are a lot of ways to “hack” rankings and make your content outrank your competitors. I cannot go into details in this post as it would be too long. You can also write product reviews (either your own product or your competitor product and then compare why your product is better). You can also create blog posts specifically targeting long-tail keywords (keywords that contain 4+ words and usually has little competition and little traffic thus ranking high without much effort).

Social media traffic

Of course, everybody knows how important social media is for any business. This is different from posting on social network groups. It is about building audiences on each and every single platform. It does not matter what your industry is – everybody can benefit from the major networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc …


Retargeting is big. Facebook pixel is very powerful. You need to install Facebook pixel before you can use it. It is very nice feature as it allows Facebook to track your website visitors and then you can advertise to those people on Facebook.

Another way to retarget is to build email list and whenever a new piece of content is out (whether it’s a blog post, video, inforgraphic, etc …), you can quickly email all of your subscribers and get a ton of them back to your site.

In conclusion …

That is it. I hope you enjoyed this blog post more than I enjoyed writing and vlogging about it. OK, jokes aside, let me know which traffic method is your favourite in the comments down below.