Top 5 tips to boost your daily lead generation

Top 5 tips to boost your daily lead generation

This guest post was written by Junaid Ali Qureshi.

Leads generation is the single most important thing your website can do. Despite coming up with a product of top quality, your profit maximization will remain ineffective unless you are able to generate leads. Effective creation of leads can even allow your business to achieve success with an average product! Running an e-commerce business requires sales but other than that leads play a more crucial role in online business. If you have introduced a high-quality product to the market but have worked very little on leads generation then your business is doomed to join the long list of other failed start-ups. Selling a medium quality product with a lot of leads will accelerate your revenues every single month. Around 85% of the marketers consider lead generation their challenge #1. Let’s unpack 5 most effective lead generation ideas you can use to improve online lead generation:

  1. Find Leads on Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site. It is also a potential source of discovering leads for your brand management. Once you find the right audience then it is all about engaging with them and the simplest way to do this is to follow them. Twitter’s search feature will be of great help since it allows you to find the relevant audience under the trends and hashtags. This also lets you analyze what people are talking about which can aid your interactions with potential customers. Depending on the nature of your company, Twitter’s advanced search queries can be used to locate the questions people might have about your products which in turn will help you address them effectively.

Twitter can also be used to share links to blog posts that offer answers to the queries of your customers in a way that leads to responsive engagement. This can also lead to brand loyalty amongst your followers.

You can also use special tools such as CrowdFire or Followerwonk. These tools will help you get relevant information about your followers. It helps you reach the audience who are relevant to your niche. You can also discover and link with influencers through Followerwonk.

Using Twitter effectively for your lead generation requires a significant amount of time but if done right it can yield great results. The challenge is to smartly navigate this social media platform in order to find the right people to engage with. It is also advised to use images, gifs and video clips with your tweets in order to make your content more interactive and interesting. The use of hashtags can also capture the attention of customers and make you easier to find online.

Furthermore, the proof of Twitter being a huge network for business lies in their special feature for lead generation called Lead Cards which allows a company to collect emails in exchange for an offer. This will surely boost your conversion rates!

  1. Directly engage with Leads using a live chat

Even though after utilizing your time in creating the relevant content for your site and making sure that all possible questions are answered, there will always be some members of the audience who won’t be able to find all the answers on your site. The best option in this situation is to have a direct engagement with them through live chats, to make sure every query is handled properly. In fact, direct customer engagement should be a top priority since it is one of the most effective ways to develop loyal customers and more successful than indirect engagement in the form of FAQs section which often appear to be tedious to go through.

Live chats are comprised of customer service representatives who are present 24/7 to address all queries. The happier the customers are with quick responses, the better the world of mouth will be, causing more generation of leads.

Studies show that more than 40% customers prefer live chats for their customer support, while 70% of those who take part in a live chat are happy with the results.

  1. Make full use of your emails

Email marketing is crucial when it comes to engagement. In order to develop good email content, there are some things you must take into account. Your subject line must be captivating and should urge the recipient to open it; it could be designed in a way to directly address the issues of potential leads. The email should be concise and to the point while also being enticing. It would also be a good idea to integrate your social media links in the mail content as well as a call-to-action button. Inclusion of embedded images will make your content appear more interactive as well.

A well-designed signature can work as a useful lead generation tool. If you want your customers to get to know your products, then a wise way to achieve this goal is through an appealing email signature with links to your social media profiles. You would probably be using your email account for sending countless emails. Compare the number of people you interact daily with the number of emails you send on a daily basis. Now, you would understand the importance of having your own signature email.

Include your social media profiles such as LinkedIn account in your email signature and use them to promote your content. If even someone clicks once out of every 25 emails you send, then it’s already very useful given the amount of emails you probably send per year. Again, make sure to add a call-to-action button at the top half of your email.

When you have access to a set of email addresses which can be used for automated marketing, you can easily use them to earn data on your leads. Using this data to segment your customers and sending them relevant messages can work wonders.

  1. Put your CTA wording on the title of your landing page

Ever searched for something on Google just to land on a page that has nothing to do with what you were looking for? You are likely to have left the page and never looked back.
Sometimes, while searching through Google, visitors land into a website which is totally irrelevant to their desired information (despite the fact that it appeared in the search results). This will drastically affect the visitor’s traffic to the site as the visitors who visited the site initially would bounce off and never come to that site again. Due to short attention span, visitors often don’t dwell on a website for too long which results in increased bounce rate. For this, you need to make sure that you are serving all verticals with your landing pages. Conversion optimization should be an ongoing process and part of your strategy should be to ensure that visitors land on desired pages.

It is important to perfect your call-to-action in order to help lower your bounce rate. Your website should specifically ask visitors what they want and provide them with relevant information. Being clear and direct is the key here. Make sure that your primary CTA matches your page title.

The reason behind users never visiting your website again is that we sometimes forget to pay close attention to the content of the site. In order to avoid this, your content must be in congruence with the title and an effective landing page fulfils this requirement. This gives the visitor confidence that the information they are getting from you matches their search query.

  1. Create Funnels

In a website design, a strategic pathway which directs visitors through the website’s generation process is called a funnel. For instance, Amazing Sheds supplies custom made shed for those residents who live 50 miles near their home office. The company is dependent on people who are educated and can make an informed purchase of $5,000. They use a 3 step funnel to contact their customers.

Amazing Sheds is more than well aware of their customer’s presales concerns about the purchase and they have created a blog to specifically address these concerns. The blog “Built in your Backyard” is designed to engage with the customers and answer their questions in a personalized manner. This is their funnel step number 1 which allows them to make blog posts that are actually smoke screen for sales pitches.

Keeping in view of all the measuring difficulties the customers go through, they have also placed a blog called “Check the size shed that fits your yard”. This is the second step of their funnel process. Presented under the “Yard Size Calculator”, this blog is sensitive to the fact that sizing can be an extremely pressing concern for customers who have difficulty visualizing the shed sizes and can use the CTA of “Check Yard to Shed Measurement” feature for this measure.

The final step is the funnel process is to get feedback from the visitors. For this,
the option of contacting a ‘Shed Specialist’ exists. It should be noted that they call their salespersons ‘shed specialists’ and this makes it far more appealing. In this last step, they ask the customers to give their phone numbers for personal contact.

This 3 step funnel process is a highly effective and strategic way to acquire more traffic and a steady flow of sales leads that can be relied on.

Your social media marketing services should be very strong, if you want to boost your leads generation. Leads generation is a challenge for most of the marketers. Your business can survive with a medium quality product but it won’t last without leads. The above tips will help you in generating new leads. Happy Reading!