SEO services

Thank you for your interested in my seo services! I don’t like long sales pitches, while they do work indeed, I am sure you are here because you somehow found me – either through search engines, social media, referral or other mediums (forums, etc …?).

I have been working in SEO industry for the past 9 years and I know how search engines work. I have had a lot of experience in doing white hat SEO, grey hat SEO and even black hat SEO. I prefer white hat and grey hat seo.

Over the past 9 years, I have ranked countless of keywords, having clients paying me $3,000 a month to rank their sites in various niches: weight loss, car insurance, quit smoking, health, gaming, internet marketing, shopping and plenty more.

My SEO career has allowed me to acquire connections that are very hard to come by. What I mean is, there are plenty of people who run their own blog networks and do other link types for their own sites. Back in the day, I had helped immensely, they still respect me for that to this very day. They do help me out a lot as well. That is why I am able to do certain SEO tactics that may seem impossible for others.

If you decide to use my seo services, you will get positive results, however, I cannot promise you top 1 rankings. Hell, if you hire someone who promises you such things, please fire them as soon as possible.

You see, seo is like gambling except you will win it if you know what you are doing. However, no internet marketer, no seo guru, no seo legend actually own Google and we are all playing within Google’s playground. If you require me to achieve #1 for your keyword or else you won’t hire me, that is fine by me. I will not make a promise I cannot keep.

However, if you know that SEO can help (and SEO can always help), please do not hesitate to contact me and let’s tallk about it.