Private Blog Network services by Don Mazonas

SEO has changed over the past half decade. Hell, it is changing on almost daily basis. Every new algorithm is being introduced on monthly or bi-monthly basis. Google is changing how SEO works. Over the past year or two, the big G has hit on private blog networks, especially the ones that sell links ... or keep link farms. PBN links are no longer as effective; buying PBN links from others is also dangerous as you can penalise your own website for it. However, it's not as bad as it sounds - you can still rank well by having own private blog network.

So why private blog network?

Control your own links - when it comes to buying links, you are not sure if your links will stick for eternity. You likely don't even know the seller. For all you know - the seller can take your money, add links and then remove them after a little while. When you own your own private blog network - you have complete control over your links and even content and design around it. You adjust as you please.

Don't share links with competitors - if you are buying PBN links from someone - you are likely to share the same links with other websites. It's especially bad if you are buying from niche specific PBNs - that means your actual competitors are likely to buy those links as well. When you have own PBN - everything is easy - you keep all the link juice for yourself. You don't share it even with other websites ... unless you choose so which wouldn't be a good idea.

Complete privacy - having own PBN is very beneficial, especially, if you are keeping it stealthy by utilising various plugins that prevent link tool crawlers from crawling your sites. That makes your private blog network impossible to track through link tracking tools such as Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs or SEMRush. This also prevents your competitors from reverse-engineer your backlink portfolio which makes it much harder for them to outrank you.

Freshly updated - when you buy PBN links, you are not sure if those blogs will be updated. Having own PBN means that you can choose to add fresh content on your blogs and update them to make them secure.

Features of our PBN building services

High authority domains - every day we look at expiring domains while working with clients. Every domain is checked manually before we buy it. We make sure that it has good metrics (at least TF 10 with 10-15+ domains linking to that domain). We make sure that the domain is NOT penalised by Google and still indexed.

Cutom logos - these days, for PBN to fully perform and look more natural - you need a custom logo. Every blog that we build will certainly have unique logo designed by our dedicated designers. Custom logos help to earn Google's trust, therefore, they perform better than plain and boring PBNs with no graphics.

Amazing content - we have in-house writers from US, UK, Australia and Canada. Any content piece that we write will read very well and make complete sense. Furthermore, all content will be based on the domain names that we buy for your network. So real estate domains will talk about real estate, not health. Relevant content and custom logos are two of the main factors that make these PBNs stick for a very long time!

Easy PBN hosting option - if you like to manage hosting by yourself - it's perfectly fine. We will help you in setting hosting up for you. However, if you wish truly hands-off experience - you can opt-in for our hosting service. For prices, please see below. We will make sure that every blog is hosted on different A, B and C block IPs. We never use SEO hosting as Google is able to track them down and quikly penalise entire private blog network. To avoid this, we use shared hosting accounts.

Easy PBN maintenance - as an option, we offer PBN maintenance service where we check on PBN frequently to make sure it's performing well (sites are indexed and not down, etc ...). We also add fresh content on frequent basis (for example 1 new post a month for each blog). For prices, please see below.

Great customer service - we are proud of being one of the most excellent SEO companies when it comes to customer services. If you have any doubts or need to contact us for any reason - just write us email and we will get back to your within 24-48 hours (usually within 12 hours). Phone calls / Skype calls also work but it's better to email or write a message on Skype.

Our Private Blog Network service brings results

Everyone can brag about their SEO results but can they prove it? How about these rankings that we achieved?

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