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My name is Don Mazonas and I have 16 years of experience as a SEO consultant. For the past 10 years – I have been solely focusing on restrictive industries – adult, escorts, gambling, pharmaceuticals, CBD, vape and other niches where you are likely not allowed to advertise via Google AdWords, social media ads and other “legit” ways of advertising. Since  you are very limited as to where and how to advertise your business – you rely heavily on SEO traffic.

If you are looking for SEO consultant who has a vast amount of experience in ranking your website(s) on first positions in competitive and restrictive industries – then you are in luck. Whether you run escorts agency or vaping store – you certainly need organic traffic. I have consulted dozens of businesses in restrictive industries. Some of businesses went from 3 million visits per month to 4 million (33% increase in organic traffic in just 4 months).

SEO approach in restrictive industries

Each and every SEO consultant and SEO agency is different in how they approach initial SEO for a website. This is how I approach SEO and this is what you can expect:

  1. Initial chat/meeting – the first step is to discuss your business. Whether we meet in person or have a Zoom/Teams/Google Meet virtual meeting – it’s important for me to establish your KPI and your goals. Sometimes some people have impossible targets so it’s important for us both to set up realistic and achievable goals.
  2. SEO audit – the next step is to do an SEO audit. It means running technical SEO analysis, content analysis and backlinks report. It is very important for me to analyse your website in-depth so I can properly assess what needs to be done. During this step I will also review the content and backlinks. In restrictive industries, backlinks become more valuable. So it’s very important to weed out toxic backlinks.
  3. Proposal stage – during this step I will have proposal already created. Each website is different therefore pricing and workload is different for each website. I will have 2 or 3 packages created so you, the client, can pick and choose one which is the most suited in terms of work and budget.
  4. Contract signed and execution – this is the final step. During this step, we will sign the contract which will state all aims, objectives and deliverables.

Restrictive SEO deliverables

When it comes to the deliverables in restrictive SEO, the deliverables are not much different from regular SEO deliverables. As a matter of fact, deliverables are exactly the same. With my SEO services, you will get 2 reports:

  • Rankings report – all the rankings achieved over the last 30 days (or the billable period). All the gains and, likely, no losses.
  • Deliverables report – all the deliverables including content, backlinks and all the other fixes delivered in a very nice report.

Restrictive SEO vs regular SEO

How does restrictive SEO differs from regular SEO? When it comes to regular SEO, you have a ton of freedom to acquire backlinks – most industies are allowed. Therefore, backlinks become a lot less valuable because there are a ton of opportunities to get a backlink.

However, this is not the case when it comes to restrictive SEO. Backlinks are a lot scarce therefore they become a lot more valuable. The thing is, a lot of web masters and editors will refuse to link to CBD (due to association to cannabis and drugs) or escort/adult websites (due to association to porn or just feeling too guilty).

BUT worry not – my advantage over other SEO consultants is the fact that I can acquire backlinks in any industry even adult/escort or gambling. I am not saying that backlinks is the only thing that will make you rank in first position, however, backlinks are more important in industries where many of your competitors are also working on high quality backlinks.

This is essentially the difference, however, restrictive SEO should never leave out technical SEO and on-page SEO out of touch – it is important that the websites in these industries are also well optimised. So, I make sure that the websites are well optimised while focusing more on attaining highest quality backlinks. And this strategy has worked wonders for the clients I work with.

Hiring SEO consultant vs hiring in-house specialist

Don Mazonas - SEO consultantOver the past 16 years I have worked as a SEO specialist for other digital marketing/SEO agencies, have been freelance SEO specialist and also worked as an in-house SEO specialist for non-marketing agencies/brands. From my personal point of view, I can understand why companies are bringing in SEO specialists in-house, however, this is not the case in restrictive industries.

As a matter of fact, there are certain SEO consultants who would certainly NOT work in escorts or gambling industries due to associating these industries with some illegal or dirty activities. However, I have worked for gambling and escorts/adult brands. For me – it is certainly NOT the case.

When it comes to question about whether you should hire SEO consultant or in-house specialist, there is always a factor of working in restrictive industries. Why not just leave SEO to people or agency who knows your industry, has worked in your industry and achieved incredible results?

If you decide to hire in-house SEO constultant, you will need to consider a few factor – does this new SEO consultant has experience working in your industry? Will this SEO consultant be able to work in this industry due to certain associations? If you hire someone who has no experience in these industries then the chances are, he or she will not be able to do SEO properly. These industries are a lot tougher than regular industries. They’d be competing against other companies with massive budgets for SEO as they would also be relying on organic (SEO) traffic as much as you.

Don Mazonas as your SEO consultant

So if you are ready to hire your last SEO consultant, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am saying your last SEO consultant because I am sure that I will certainly be able to help you out and increase organic traffic. I am confident that once we start working together – your SEO will improve and you will be making sales and leads.

You can also always get in touch with me via LinkedIn or Instagram.

Who is Don Mazonas?

I am entrepreneur, businessman, traveller, dancer, DJ, gamer, etc ... you can learn more about me here.

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