Repurposing your content to get more traffic

Hey, happy bank holidays if you live in the UK. I hope you had a great Christmas time with your family and friends. I had a great time, thanks for asking!

Anyway, today I want to talk about how you can take your blog’s existing content and repurpose it for traffic. What I mean is take your content and convert it into different formats. Then you upload the file(s) to certain sites and you should get additional traffic to your site. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

PowerPoint presentations

This is quite simple really. Just copy and paste the content using Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Open Office Impress. Both software can save as .ppt file which is required for PowerPoint directory sites. On the last slide, you can put links to your social profiles and website(s) or page(s). Then you can easily upload file to these sites:

PDF files

Converting your content into PDF file has never been easier! While it’s true that you may need certain software to edit PDF files, converting them requires no additional software. Paste the content into Microsoft Office Word or Open Office Writer. Meodify as needed, add links to social profiles and website(s) and/or page(s) on last page and save them as PDF. All you need to do is instead of clicking on Save, click on Save As and then choose PDF. It’s done! Then you can submit your PDF file to these sites:


Infographics are great – they are visual. This will hit those people who prefer learning from visual material rather than reading or listening. Also, inforgraphics get shared on social media like crazy. I know because I prefer sharing inforgraphics over text statuses. However, it might be a bit tricky – it might be difficult to create stunning infographics for someone who is not a designer or does not know how to use Photoshop … exactly like me. You can look for Infographic Makers online. Here is one I found: Piktochart. I have not tried it myself yet so don’t blame me in case the software is not good. I will, however, give it a try this week or the next. Anyway, don’t forget to put your website’s URL somewhere on the infographic. Then you must share it on your social media profiles. Additionally, you can submit to these sites for additional traffic:


With podcasts, you will reach yet another type of audience that is probably different from your readership. You will reach people who prefer to listen to material rather than watch or read. Podcasts can also be tricky. It is best to record podcasts by yourself using software like Audacity. However, not everybody is willing to do that due to lack of confidence or accent or whatever other reason really. There is a workaround. You can download certain software that can take the text and covnert it into audio files. This might not be very natural, may sound like a robot but hey, there are tons of freeware software that can do this for you. One of them I found is Natural Readers. Then you can submit those audio files to podcast and audio sites. The power is not only getting visitors who are interested to say more about certain topic, it helps SEO as well as long as you can provide URL to the source in description of podcast/audio directory. Some sites to submit to:


YouTube is the second biggest search engine, I am sure you have heard of it. Uploading videos to youtube is easy and it is quite self-explanatory … but what if I told you that you can also submit your vidoes to another dozen of video sites apart from Youtube? Videos are probably the trickiest of all types in this post. However, I have quite an easy way to make great videos.  Unless, you are confident enough of showing your own face or recording audio yourself which would be the best way really. So, if you don’t want to make video yourself where you show your face or voice, here is what you can do: create a content in Power Point format. Each slide will be displayed for, let’s say, 10-15 seconds. You can leave it like that … or better yet, use Natural Readers to record the content off your video and place it in the video using Microsoft Movie Maker software or something … or record your own voice which would be much more natural and real. Then you can submit videos to these sites for links and traffic:


This is not complete list of sites you can submit those files to. Hell, this is not complete list of formats you can create. I had to exclude things like creating your own screensavers, wallpapers (infographics are similar though), music files, game files, downloadable/software files, etc … I will be going over each format I discussed in this post and will be making guides on how to easily create those files and where to submit. I will provide much larger lists of directories.

You must not exclude the fact that you can get additional SEO traffic just simply by interlinking your own content on your own blog. It is quite easy. Content Mastery actually teaches that – how to create and/or modify content for easy interlinking.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have another format that is easy to convert to? Please share your opinion in the comments below, share and follow me on social media.