Product launch jacking done right

Hello all. Welcome to 2017, properly. I know I promised to launch the Loot Launch course a few days ago, however, I realised that product launch jacking is not as easy as it used to be. In this post, I will explain how it works now with all the resources that you need! Without further ado, let’s begin with the concept of product launch jacking system.

What is product launch jacking?

Product launch jacking is a term for business model that includes SEO, affiliate marketing and (very rarely) email marketing. It is probably the most popular in Internet Marketing niche. There are dozens of products that are being launched in this niche – make money online, SEO guides, various software and tools … the list of products is endless. This method works best when products are released for a short time period – 4-10 days only. That means that after the launch ends, prospects will no longer be able to buy this particular product thus creating scarcity for the product.

Product creators also start creating buzz for the product during the pre-launch period which usually takes 1 to 2 weeks before the launch. During that time people are being introduced to the product and all the features and benefits. Once the product launches, all the prospects are ready to buy the product because they know that this is what they need.

The whole concept of product launch jacking is ranking your website or product review/preview page for product name related keywords during the whole launch period. Once the product is launched, prospects are looking for reviews of the said product. That means that a lot of people will be looking for all kinds of variations of the product name. Let’s assume that I just launched the product called Loot Launch. People would be searching for keywords like Loot Launch review, Loot Launch scam, Loot Launch bonus, Loot Launch Don Mazonas and similar. Product launch jacking works best when you rank on top of your competitors and offer your own unique bonus(es).

Couple years ago, product launch jacking worked really well without any bonus offer. Nowadays, a lot of prospects are looking what affiliates can offer as a bonus. This is good if you have a very good bonus to offer. Bonus that actually complements the products, enhances it.

Alright, now that you know how product launch jacking works, let’s begin with the actual system and how to set it up.

Product Research

Let’s start with the product research. There are plenty of resources that list upcoming products. I would suggest to go for either finance (forex) or internet marketing (make money online or any other really) niche. These 2 niches have a lot of products to offer.

Here are several websites that list upcoming products in I.M. niche:

So, once you have the resources and list of the products, which products do you choose? Well, when I did the product launch jacking, I would target those products that launch in 2 weeks or later. Also, I would make sure that I could make at least $100 per entire funnel per sale, otherwise, profit margin wouldn’t be that great!

As of writing this (January 18, 2017), I look at the big launches on Munch Eye’s website, I see that Video Spin Blaster Pro+ is about to launch on 10th February, 2017. That means that there are just over 3 weeks to prepare for the launch. Also, you can make up to $127 per visitor even though the front end product costs as low as $27. Click here to visit the JV page.

Alright, now that we decided on the product (and yes, you can launch jack several product simultaneously), let’s begin with the other nitty gritty things like website creation.

Website set up

Now that we know which product(s) we are going to jack, we need to look for a good domain name. In my early days, for launches like Video Spin Blaster Pro+, I would use 2 or 3 different websites to maximise spots of Google’s page 1. If the entire funnel would offer $500+ in commissions, I would do 5 or more websites per product. My greatest launch was when I promoted 100K Factory Ultra Edition with 5 websites. While I made 2 sales only, I made $2,500+ in commissions. I had massive ROI – 1,000% as I invested only $250 in this campaign.

Anyway, greatest domain names for the product launch jacking is trying to get the exact title of the product with .net or .org extensions. Also, you can add bonus, review, developers name at the end of the product. Or “buy” or “get” product title, etc … so, in this case, here are the domain variations:


So now, we go to NameSilo and check which ones are available. I love NameSilo because of free and I have several hundred domain names there. They accept PayPal, cards and even BitCoin. After the check up, these domains are available:


So, here are plenty of domain names available. Just grab the one that looks the best, I would go for

I will not talk about how to install WordPress blog, there are plenty of guides on YouTube. Or you can also outsource the entire process through Fiverr. But really, it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to change domain’s name servers, add domain name to your hosting account and use Fantastico or whatever else your hosting provides for effortless WordPress installation.

Next, let’s talk about the plugins I use. Not many. I only use SEO by Yoast and Contact Form 7. Default settings of the WordPress are quite fine, except that I make sure that permalinks are set to “post name” option. Instead of having URLs like page.php?id=25, you have very and readable URLs. I also make sure that I don’t get emails when a new comment is posted. As a matter of fact, I disable the comments completely.

So, what about bonuses for product launch jacking?

Yes, next thing we should focus on is the bonus. There are several ways to go about it:

  1. Write one yourself (probably the best option)
  2. Outsource from someone (make sure they know a lot about the upcoming product. It might be costly though)
  3. Download/Buy PLR product (make sure you have share/share as bonus rights of the product)
  4. Try without any bonus (probably a bad idea)

Surely, writing one yourself or outsourcing a unique report that would complement the actual product would be the best option. VBS is actually an easy to use video creator. So, now you could write a guide on how to rank videos easily on Youtube. You could mention about on-page SEO or what links to get to rank quickly. Also, you could create a bonus that will teach how to make money with videos (like affiliate marketing, etc …).

Or you could take a lazy approach – download or buy PLR product. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. That means that in most cases you will be able to resell the product or give it away for free as a bonus as long as you do not claim that you own the product. Here are the places that you can get the PLR products from:

So now, once you have the bonuses ready, you can zip files and upload to your website or straight to the platform you are using. For example, JVZoo allows direct uploads of bonuses that buyers, once bought through your affiliate link, can access. Warrior Plus will require you to provide the URL to your bonus if you decided to add the bonus. That’s why you can easily uplaod .zip file to your website and link directly to the .zip file. Better yet, create a page and call “The Bonus” or something. This is where you will be able to link to your .zip file and hopefully offer similar or completary products for extra cash. I used to do this with Fergal Downs’ product – $50K in 90 days challenge. I used to link to this product and I would occassionally sell and make some extra money in commissions.

So, once the bonus is set up, what’s next?

Content and on-page SEO

Now let’s talk about the content and on-page SEO. First of all, one article is usually enough. What you need to do is write a review. Content length should be around 700-1,000 words long. Sometimes, even 500 words long articles are fine. To tell you honest truth though, sometimes I write 300 words long articles and I still manage outrank my competition due to heavy link building. However, when it comes to the content, I would not suggest to focus on doing the article for search engines only. Here’s the cheat sheet for the on-page:

  • 500+ words long
  • Do everything that SEO by Yoast suggests (I would not worry about stop words though as long as overall on-page SEO is a green button).
  • Make sure that your target keyword is mentioned at least 7 times so you can bold twice, italic twice and underline twice. One keywords should link back to the homepage
  • Add image with alt tag as the keyword you are targeting
  • Add additional properties to the page (like slideshare and youtube video which I will talk about later in this guide)
  • Add H1 and H2 tags that target either keyword or LSI keyword (keyword that is closely related)
  • Add tags
  • Add “Access Now” button (obviously, lol)

So, these are the main things you should consider on-page SEO wise. I always follow these and then add some links (which I will talk about later on) and I rank in top 3 relatively easily! Don’t forget to add the information about the product at the beginning of the page:

Product: product title here
Author(s): list of authors here
Launch: product launch date
Price: product price here
Bonus: a few words about your bonus offer
Recommended? Abosulutely YEAH!
Website: click here (affiliate link)

Then I would add H1 that says “What is product title?”. Then I would tell people what this product is all about. Then I would have h2 with the heading “The product features and benefits” and I would list the features and tell readers about the benefits of using this products. Then I would have another h2 heading with the heading “Who is the author?”. I would briefly talk about the author of the product and their achievements. This would slightly help when someone searches for keywords like “[product title] [product author]”. The last bit is h3 that says something like this: “The product bonus”. Then I would talk about bonuses that actual author provides by default and then I would tell all about my special bonus offer.

This is how you do the content and on-page SEO for product launch jacking projects.

In case you are building authority website and wish to learn about on-page SEO in a lot deeper level, I suggest you download my FREE report called Content Mastery where I will teach you how to do keyword research properly, write content, format content, interlink format (something that only a few SEO specialists do).

Extra properties for extra spots

Before we get to my most favourite part of SEO or business in general (link building), let’s talk about what else you can do to obtain more spots on Google. These are powerful platforms and make ranking pages quite easy. Unfortunately, none of the domains belong to you. What if your accounts get flagged/deleted, etc … that’s why you have a website. Although, I never faced deletion or ban by utilising these platforms for my greedy SEO purposes.


OK, so what more you can do is convert your post into the Power Point presentation. Then you can upload the file to various presentation sharing websites. My favourite is obviously Slideshare. It makes it easy to embed the presentation to your post as well for extra exposure. These kind of extra additions will definitely boost your on-page SEO. You can also upload the file to AuthorStream. I am not sure if they allow easy embed but I don’t really care. I sometimes use it to secure extra spots on Google.

So how do you go about creating the presentations? You only need about 7 slides. Here’s the basic structure I use:

Slide 1: Some fancy image of pile of cash with product’s title/logo

Slide 2: Information about the product (what you added at the beginning of the post (product title, author, launch date, price, bonus, recommended? I would remove the website because at SlideShare, links are rendered unclickable on the first 3 slides to avoid spammers))

Slide 3: What is the product?

Slide 4: Who is the author?

Slide 5: The product bonus

Slide 6: Need full review? Here you put link to your post. You can also add link to the product sale page directly.

Slide 7: Thanks for reading. Sincerely thank the reading for taking the time. If you do have your own products or services, you can recommend them here.

I did a launch jack of InstaNice. It was a really nice product and I made several hundred of dollars by promoting this product. I did a presentation for this product. You can find it here and see what I am talking about. I didn’t follow the instructions provided here but you can still see what kind of presentation you can make in about 20 minutes or so. Or you can always turn to Fiverr to outsource.

Video creation

Now this is probably not for everybody. I mean, everybody can do it but not everybody will. The way I do the videos is that I use slides to make image and then record my own voice. I talk about the product, author, bonuses, etc … similarly to presentations but with added voice.

What you can do is use text to speech software and paste your review of the product. Or you can just read it yourself. No need any background music or anything like that.

In order to create the videos, I use Audacity, PowerPoint (Open Office Impress is freeware alternative) and Windows Movie Maker (comes by default with Windows machines, I am sure that Apple users have something similar but I can’t help you with that). So, what I do is read my review to the Audacity, save the recording. Then add background image using WMM. Then add the recording and then save the video. You don’t need long videos, 2-5 minute long videos are perfectly fine.

Once the video is done, I always upload it to YouTube. Then I can easily embed the video into my post. I have a channel dedicated to these kind of videos called “Product Hustler”. You can also upload videos to Vimeo for extra exposure. Don’t forget to edit description of the YouTube videos. One of my greatest videos can be found here. You can take a look at how the description is laid out. I know I have a low amount of views but since the product (3 Figure Rockstar) is a ever-green product (which means that it is not closing its doors after initial launch period ends), I still make a sale here or there.

I know that my accent is bad but who cares, right? I am not going to have another accent so why hide it? I embraced it. My greatest success or failure (depending on how you look at this).

Extra extra properties

While videos and presentations are my main “extra properties” for product launch jacking websites, there are a few more that you can still use. Create a PDF report and upload to sites like docstock or scribl.

Take the recording you did for the videos and upload the audio to audio sharing websites. I am certain there are some but I have never done that before. Extra exposure and extra link back is not going to hurt.

That is all I can advice when it comes to extra properties. Now let’s talk about my most favourite thing – link building.

Link building (off-page SEO)

I am lucky that I have a vast amount of experience when it comes to SEO. I have been doing this for around 10 years now. I have tested pretty much every tactic there was invented, all kinds of hats – white hat, grey hat and even black hat. I must say that grey hat is my favourite.

When it comes to product launch jacking projects or those that are for rank and bank kind of sites, heavy grey hat and black hat SEO are the best. Believe me, white hat works but it is slow, very slow. Grey hat is OK but you want to time your rankings, therefore, we are left with black hat – fast rankings and as long as you still rank during the launch period, who cares about rankings drop afterwards, right?

So, black hat SEO is considered to be spammy links. That is OK, you will not get into any troubles because you will be spamming links to your own websites and properties. When it comes to “extra properties”, black hat works especially well because the domain authority is very high and that affects the effectiveness.

However, since you don’t care about creating authority website, all you want is rank and if it tanks later, that’s not a problem. For this, especially, I have a very powerful network that gives you massive short term boost. After 2 or 3 weeks, rankings normally drop a little. That’s not a problem. If your order starts about 7-10 days before the actual launch, you will rank high just in time.

The network that I use (saying that it is not mine would be a lie) is called YAFBPS (Yet Another F’in’ Blog Posting Service). I normally run 3 packages with 4 days drip feed. I always target my main website using various keywords related to the product title. Let’s assume that I try to rank for Loot Launch product, so I target these: “loot launch”, “loot launch review”, “loot launch bonus”, “loot launch scam”, “loot launch don mazonas”, don mazonas loot launch”. I never worry about using generic keywords (such as “click here”, “visit this site”, etc …) or raw URLs because I want a quick boost in rankings. I don’t want to rank for very long term (although some products don’t close after launch so ranking long term is not always useless).

When I have around 30-50 days until the launch jack, I always start with Tartarus Network (it costs $127 for 20 posts) just to slowly get the rankings. Then, when I have 10 days left, I start 4 days drip feed of YAFBPS using 3 packages. I also make sure I do extra links to extra properties. When using this special YAFBPS offer I just gave you, promise me that you will order at least 10 days before the launch, otherwise, links might not work fast enough for maximum effect.

When you start having several launch jacks in a single week, it might be wise to consider your own PBN. This way you would save a ton of money long-term as it would get much cheaper to post on your own PBN than outsource.

If you have no clue how to build own PBN, you can consider my PBN building service. Contact me via Skype or email and we will chat how it can help you.

Too many domains?

Now once you become good at this with lots of sites that served their purpose, what to do you do with the domains? You can easily build your own network and then use it to rank your other, still to-be-launched product jacking websites. This guide is almost done and I will not be talking about how to build own PBN but I do plan on creating another, same level and depth guide on how to do it yourself.

But then again, be careful which projects you recycle. Sometimes, product owners will re-launch the same product for another round. Sometimes the demand for the product they get is too big. They have no choice but re-open for another week or so. This happened to me quite recently when ScopeLeads reopened in November. First launch happened at the end of summer/September. My 3 websites served the purpose … or so I thought. Then, I looked at JVZoo and I saw unexpected $300 in balance … over night. I checked what I sold and there it was – ScopeLeads had been reopened again for another week in November. Not too bad for doing nothing.


So, before you finish reading this and start creating your own product lauch jacking projects, you must understand that it takes money to make money. Not every launch jack will be successful, especially in the beginning. You will have to test things to understand what works best for you. What kind of bonuses work better for certain products. Surely, email marketing guide as a bonus may not work well for a video editing software.

Another warning – black hat SEO works and works well but you must know how to do it properly. I have spent a lot of money in testing, I still do because SEO, especially black hat SEO, is all about testing and keeping improving. The packages that were suggested here work really well. I have tested with countless of product launch jacks. However, you must not rule out the possibility that some launch jacks might not work well due to wrong timing of SEO campaign.

With that said, I sure hope that you learned something here. If you do have any problems or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or email me to and I will do my best to respond to each and every email. I might take the most asked questions and create another amazing guide based on those questions. I might create my own podcast series based on SEO and internet marketing.

If you enjoyed this guide, please share this post (it would mean a lot to me) and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

To your online success!


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