How I lost 4 kg in January without much effort (relatively)

Losing 4kg

Hello all. My January has been full of record shattering experiences. It is now truly motivating to do what I did in January and more.

First of all, I went from 93 kg on 1st of Jan to 89 kg yesterday (5th of February). Losing 4 kg without changing diet is a dream of many. But also, it wasn’t without putting a lot of effort.

You see, in 2013 I started swing dancing. I was literally dancing 8 days a week for the next 3 or 4 years (there are people who can vouch for this). Within the first 8 months I lost around 20 kg (as far as I can remember, went from 105 kg to 85 kg in just 8 months or something). But then my body got used to dancing and I wasn’t losing fats this easily. Then I slowed down with my dancing, started DJing, became lazier, etc … oh and then COVID-19 hit us hard and I stopped dancing … (or moving at all) so I gained weight. Also, video games didn’t help either …

Anyway, as part of my 2023 new year resolutions (which I never set, only this year), I told myself I would restart my dancing, start running (because it helps my dancing and I will tell you why/how soon), hit the gym (which I haven’t yet but soon, ok?), etc …

So on the 2nd of January I started running … and I still run. It’s my 6th week and I have tripled my distance. Started with 400 metres and today I ran for 1.2 km. That’s right. TRIPLED! So how has this helped my dancing? You see, I went to social dance in Sheffield in October last year, I could barely finish my second dance in a row – I would just run out of breath. Now that my lungs have 6-pack, I can dance for 6 songs in a row without running out of breath … Unfortunately, I still sweat so I probably gonna have to wear a hat or something. Any ideas how to reduce sweating? I’m all ears …

Besides running 5 days in a week, I also dance a lot. Started with York Lindy classes and their socials every now and then, at least 1 social per week (either with York Lindy or other communities around Yorkshire/Manchester). But starting this weekend I will be hitting way more camps as I feel I can do them in terms of stamina, energy and skill.

Also planning on hitting the gym soon (as soon as today or whenever really). In terms of food, haven’t changed much – I don’t eat junk food unless I am on a long car journey. Which means I’m probably gonna hit junk food while I am on my 5 hour journey to Brighton in less than 2 weeks!

OK, to summarise, things I’ve started doing to lose 4 kg in 1 month:

  • started running (5 days per week)
  • restarted dancing (2-4 days per week)
  • no junk food (only sometimes)
  • pretty much it

Have a great and productive week!

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