Traffic Source #3 of 12: Using Infographics to Increase Website Traffic

Traffic Source #3 of 12: Using Infographics to Increase Website Traffic

Using infographics to increase traffic

If you are not using infographics as a marketing campaign for your website, you are missing out.  Many people are now integrating Infographics on their website to bring in more traffic.  Infographics are a great way to attract new visitors to your online business potentially increasing your customers.

Like other business people who own websites, your main goal should be to attract more customers and inforgraphics help you do that. Businesses use infographics to engage with the audience and get more people to go to their websites. A well organised infographics with the right design, content and layout has the potential to give you an amazing return of investment.

What are infographics?

In the most basic information, an infographics is a visual interpretation or expression of information. It is presented in a way that helps you display the content. Infographics are great tools for web owners to express their complex content in a basic and understandable way to their audience. They help people comprehend the material better.

Infographics are used head to head with the written material but they are presented as their own material that conveys a certain message within that content or topic. There are several types of infographics, each with a specific use. The main ones are the product, directional, chronological, cause and effect and quantitative infographics.

Why should you use infographics?

The main reason you should use them for your content or website is that they help you to convey a certain message in a format that is concise and very easy to read and understand.

Infographics can help you communicate a certain message. They give you an opportunity to present a huge amount of information in a simple format which makes things easier for your readers

You can use the infographics to monitor the route in certain parameter. Through infographics, you can analyze large amounts of data and come up with a simple analysis chat of the cause effect relationship.

Tips to help you get more traffic with infographics

Get a great infographics idea

You want to ensure that you always come up with ideas that are unique and different from what other people have to offer on your website. Take all the time you need to develop distinctive and creative infographics.

Your potential visitors most probably want to see original content that will offer some solutions to some of your issues.  The uniqueness if your infographics is greatly determined by the level of innovativeness in your content.

This is why you should do a very thorough research on different platforms to learn what materials are important and which ideas will attract thousands of people to your website.

You can also analyse how different websites and brands in similar niche have handled this challenge. It will help you to come up with better ideas on how you can display your infographics. This will drive lots of traffic to your website.

Do you understand the perspective of well done infographics?

Whether it is a competitor, or someone you look up to, you can harness a lot of information that will help you create the best content. Their content will help you understand all the elements and main components of a great infographics.   You can also learn about the different designs

Choose a good topic to work with

After checking out multiple designs and evaluating the requirements of creating a normal infographic, it is time to create a title and design that will promote your content as well as your business.

Pick a topic based on what is trending in your niche. Most people prefer information that is currently trending. You can also go for content that reflects trending entertainment.  Your content will still have its relevance even when the trend is no longer being hyped.  Most people will give you attention if you are more relatable.

Promote your infographics and your website

Creating your infographics is just the beginning, there is a lot more you need to do to get the attention of your audience and drive traffic to your website.  When you are satisfied with the content and infographic, it is time to ensure that you can promote it t as many people as you can.

You can promote your content by posting it on social media, using influencers, Guest posting, posting it on YouTube and any other ways you find convenient for your platform. Sharing a link on all of these platforms will attract more people to your website which is a great way to increase the traffic. To get the influencers to advertise your infographics, you will need to pay them. Ensure you work with people who’s content lean towards your niche so you can attract the right type of audience to your website.

Reasons why you should use infographics

They are very easy to follow and understand

This, as mentioned, is one of the main reasons why many people prefer infographics over articles, blogs and other types of online content. Infographics provider the viewers with a clear and easy to read format and this makes it easy for them to understand your message.

With infographics, there is a very high chance that o people will actually take a look at the content. Otherwise, many people will only read the first few paragraphs of your content and leave.

Scientifically, your brain can process visual images better than the written content. While content is an important part of the marketing strategy, it should not stop at the articles and blogs. Using infographics helps you relay the information in a more creative way.

This is actually proven to be true. Most people have a visual memory and prefer to watch videos and view photo over reading the same information in text form. While the infographics are engaging and interesting, they are a way to give your visitors what they want. The content is easy to relate to and will attract the attention of new visitors to your website. Statistics show that around 90% of the information taken into the brain is visual. The human brain can remember images more than text.  When it comes to content, only close to 20% is remembered.

They make content sharing very easy

This is one of the best and easiest ways to attract traffic to your website through infographics.  Integrating the share buttons in your page makes it easier for viewers to share the content to their friends and family.  If the information is accurate and useful, many people will share it to their social media accounts and other platforms.

It is an effective way to get the traffic flowing to your website.  When you share the infographics on your social media, the pictures have a potential to spread easily and gain you more traffic. Keep in mind that you have to leave your website information on the infographics if you want people to get back to you.

They give you a chance to connect better with your audience

The main reason why you place the infographics in your content is to help or educate your audience in an understandable, simple and concise manner.  They not only help you to educate them but also allow you to create a relationship and connection with the audience. This is very helpful in increasing the traffic on your website and making your business more successful.

Engaging with the audience shows that you appreciate and value them, which is a plus for you and your business. The more you connect with people on the posts, the more the traffic and likeliness of getting sales on your products.

 Infographics are actually really persuasive

You can use this opportunity to sell your product to the audience. Many people prefer getting information about the product before they can purchase it.

Infographics are short and simple, which is a great way to advertise to the market. You can enter as much relevant data as you can into the infographics as long as it is in simple format.  A reader is more likely to complete the infographics if it is smooth and easy to grasp.  This will also persuade more people to read and purchase your products and services.

They help you increase your brand awareness

To get more traffic into your site, more people need to know that you exist. When you share your content without your contact, web and business information you are basically sitting on a good marketing strategy.

A great infographics design should have relevant information about your website and business.  You need to include the business logo, the email address, website address contact information and name of the brand in all your infographics.

Just in case people share your infographics, people who need your services will know how to get back to you.  This is a very effective way of advertising your business in all platforms and it helps you increase the traffic in your website.

What’s the best way to look knowledgeable and experienced in your field? That’s right, infographics

Online marketing is brutal, especially if your business is new and you just put up your website. Infographics give you a fighting chance with your competition. Generally, they give viewers a feeling that they are working with an expert because they relay how you present your information and knowledge.

Tables, graphs and charts make you look professional, experienced and educated.  It is a great way to get new viewers to trust your content and products.

How do you effectively display the infographics on your website?

First, what are the main components of an infographics?

The visual elements   – these include the graphics, icons, and color coordination.

The knowledge – This is the factual information you share on your infographics

The content elements – these are the statistics, references and time frames on your infographics

Structuring the infographics

If you want your infographics to do well, you have to have a clear structure.  Data that is not well organised is not capable of bringing more viewers to your website.  Focusing on the structure of the infographics will help base the design around the information. Keep in mind that you do not want too much or too little information on your infographics.

Grouping your data into different and relevant categories will make it easier for the reader to understand.

The first step should be to gather your information and statistics. Once you have achieved this, you can start to create a design based on the information you have.

The information should be presented in a way that the readers should not have to put any work into understanding the information. Organise them in different colors, group them according to relevancy and make the font fun and visible. Highlighting the most important parts with different colors makes it more fun and easy to remember. You obviously want to start with a relevant title or heading that explains your main point.

After the headline, you can add a very brief description or explanation.  Try to keep your statements and sentences as short as possible to keep your viewers interested and give them motivation to keep reading.

In your main content, ensure you add pictures, charts, icons and any other visual indicators.  Mark the subtopics and categories in a way the reader will notice them while reading. When you are done, make sure to ass a mall conclusion at the end to summarise everything.

N.B; do not forget to add a call to action button that directs the readers to your email list, website, other articles on your website or your social media pages.

Infographics enable you to make the website more attractive to the readers while increasing the online traffic.

They have become so popular because audiences prefer to get information fast and conveniently. They are compelling, attractive, easy to scan, share and view, have viral capabilities, will promote your brand awareness, and improve your SEO and best of all increase traffic to your website.

Remember, while choosing infographic as your marketing plan – choose good quality over the quantity of information and always include a promotion strategy to sell your product.

Once you have created the inforgraphics campaign, you can always check the Traffic Torrent System to learn how to drive MASSIVE targeted traffic to your business.