How to find expired domains with high PA and DA

Hello, I have been into SEO industry for many years and I am somewhat decent at it with massive knowledge I gather throughout those years. In this short guide I will tell you exactly how I find expired domains with PA / DA. This guide will not make you rich, it will, however, enlighten you on how I find the domains.

Let’s go here: and register an account. I will not tell you how to do that, it is self-explanatory really. Then choose your TLD. Let’s choose .info for this review. Now you should be here:

Click on Show filter button which should be located just above the table of domains. Then choose these: Check the “no consecutive hyphens” under Domain Name Setting (2nd column), set Page rank min 3 and leave max empy under PageRank box (3rd column), check “only new last 7 days” and check “only available domains” under Listing Settings box (4th clumn). Then click on “Apply filters”. Take a look at the image below:

What I see is that 170 domain names are available. That means they all are PR3 that are available to register right a way. I found that this software is 100% accurate when it comes to PageRank but I must admit that I don’t check if PR is fake or not. You can set your own filters through the software, like, showing only real and verified PR. To be honest, I have never actually tried that one. I don’t care about PR. So then we actually export the list to the notepad file:


So now we have a nice list of 170 domains available to register. We are not done yet, obviously. What we need is a quick way to determine the PA/DA of the domain. Let’s go there: I find that this sofware is pretty accurate for PA/DA metrics. Even though it asks for only 10 URLs, I always paste all my domains at once. In this case, I did paste all 170:


Then I just delete all the domains that have PA/DA lower than 10. So after 10 minutes of going through the list and deleting those domains that don’t fit my needs, I am left with 22 .info domains. How available to register they really are? Let’s go to GoDaddy and let’s see:


OK, apparently, I was wrong. 2 domains are not available, that’s like 9% inaccuracy. Other 20 domains are waiting for you to grab them. Now you can go through other TLDs, such as .com. There are about 20 times more .com domaisn than .info. I am sure that after weeding out those domains, you can find a few hundred domains that are with high PA and DA that are available for registration.

Now what you do with these domains is entirely up to you. I would build my own private blog network (PBN) to dominate my niche … although, I already have several.

Or you can always hire me to build entire network for you – just a quick heads up – 50 blogs network – $2,500 (includes domain research, registration (.com, .net, .org + free WHO.IS privacy via namesilo), hosting for 1st month (and then $300/mo), WordPress installation, configuration to make all blogs look different, etc … proper hands down service). Just contact me.