How NOT to buy web traffic

Hello, while most of the marketers tell their readers how to buy traffic, in this post, I will be quite controversial and will tell people how NOT to buy traffic. In my 8 or so years internet marketing experience, I have tried and tested more traffic generation methods than there are stars in this universe … ok, maybe not that many but you get what I mean, right?

So, without further ado, here are ways you should NOT buy traffic for your website:

  • Buy traffic from expired domains – you know those services (especially a few on Fiverr) that offer 1,000 visitors for $1? I am talking about those kind of services. I have bought lots of traffic this way. It is pretty easy to fall in tempation if you consider that you pay 0.1 cent per visitor … but thing is, they don’t convert. People are using bots to generate traffic for your website, that’s it. They are not real human, I don’t care what their websites state. They will never actually tell you that “yeah, majority of traffic is generated using bots” … please, just get the fuck off.
  • Buy fans/followers – now this is not exactly web traffic but it could be if you think it this way: you buy a lot of fans and followers to your social media accounts and then you post on through those accounts and hope to get a lot of attention from those fans and followers. Gues what? WRONG! Majority of fans and followers might be real but they will not be targeted. And you know what else? They will see what you post and see that it is not to their interests so they will unfollow and unlike your page. You will start loosing your fanbase. You will be mad at social media and you might start thinking that it does not work …
  • Buying emails – now I am not talking about buying solo ads where someone sends email to his/her email list with your offer. That actually works wonders. I am talking about buying actual emails from other people who “acquired” them legally. Normally, when people opt-in, they are sure that their email will not be sold or otherwise given to third parties. While this may not be illegal, when I get unsolicited email from someone I don’t know, I automatically report as spam. This does not work because they are not always optimised and they are very annoying.

So there are 3 ways how not to buy web traffic. Make sure you are buying traffic the right way so you get much higher conversions! Have you made any of these mistakes? Have you made any other mistake? Share in the comments below!