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Simmon's Coffee

Hi there! I actually thought I would start the first post about the goals and purpose of this blog. But then again, something important happened on my daily walking exercise so I decided to ditch it and post about today’s happenings.

First and foremost I didn’t take a picture of my “heroic” act but instead I am writing about it now. At the time of “act”, I really couldn’t care about taking my phone out and taking the picture. I didn’t do this for likes and reaction. I did this because it is a humane thing to do.

What happened really was that I was on my daily walking exercise with the tasty coffee from my local Simmon’s Bakery. I do this almost every day but my route often is random. I took my usual route. As I walked I noticed an elderly lady sitting behind a small wooden fence struggling getting up. I put down my coffee and helped her up. Then somebody else stopped with the car and approached us to help us out. The elderly lady didn’t seem to be affected by alcohol or any other substance. I made sure that she’s doing fine before I left the scene.

It’s not like I saved her life but if someone was driving past, it would have been quite difficult to notice her. I was lucky that I was walking on that particular side of the road. It would have been quite impossible to see her from the other side of the road. I guess the guy saw me help her out and decided to stop and make sure we both are OK. I left the lady with the guy and his wife. I believe they offered lift home or something.

The moral of the story is that when someone is down – help them get up.


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