Traffic Source #4 of 12: Using Guest Posts To Drive Targeted Traffic

Traffic Source #4 of 12: Using Guest Posts To Drive Targeted Traffic

Using Guest Posts To Drive Targeted Traffic

Businesses have become more competitive, especially with the introduction of online marketing. Without the right marketing skills, you will lose your potential customers to your rival businesses which is pretty bad.

Thanks to the online platform, advertising is cheaper and in some cases completely free. The deal is, you have to drive more traffic to your website and convert that into leads. Guest bogging is one of the best methods to do that.  It is very popular with bloggers and website owners who want to promote themselves and their businesses.

Any savvy marketer knows that blogging is an important tool in attracting the right visitors to your website. One common way to bring more traffic to the site through blogging is through guest posting.

What is guest blogging and why is it important?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging is an act of writing content that is to be submitted on another website or another company’s page.  In general, we create guest posts to attract more traffic to our websites, increase the awareness and credibility of the brand as well as build great relationships with peers and competitors while boosting the domain authority to high domain authority with the external links.

Guest posting always gives the guest bloggers and the hosting website mutual benefits. When the websites host the guest content, they bring in more clients to your websites. Technically, guest blogging gives a two way benefit.

When you start guest blogging for your website, you should also consider adding posts done by guest bloggers on your website to take advantage of all the benefits. You can also consider writing for this blog as long as your business/site is related to internet marketing.

Why it is importan

Guest posting offers a variety of benefits for your business. First, you get to share your experience and expertise on another company’s website. This gives you the chance to establish yourself as an authority figure in the market.

You also get to build a relationship with other leaders in that field and give your brand the exposure to a new type of audience.

Featuring guest posts on your blog helps you deliver good and fresh content with different perspectives to your audience. Remember, offering your audience the same content every time will bore them and potentially chase them away.  People get tired of old stuff very easily and featuring guest posts is the best way to keep them engaged and coming back to the website. The promotional boost you get when guest bloggers share your content on their personal website is really amazing.

Keep in mind that majority of the website owners will only feature content that is in their own niche or industry.  You do not have to restrict yourself to a certain topic, especially if you are looking to attract new people to your website.

What benefits should you expect from guest posting?

Quality traffic – this is the main advantage of guest blogging and the reasons why many people invest their time in it.  It benefits both the blogger and hosting website when it comes to building the traffic and leads when it is done right.

To build a domain authority – it is a simple way to build your domain authority without having to spend your money in other optimisation tactics. With guest blogging, you will not have to focus on purchasing or building links from other sources.

To build your authority and expert influence online – writing the blog around a certain niche gives the reader and idea of your expertise in that specific area. The more people trust you the more the traffic converts into leads and you get more clients for your business.

Build your credibility and portfolio – with great content, many people will render you very reliable and credible. By writing for other websites and bloggers, you build your portfolio and create major business relationships with people in the same industry.

Increase your exposure and brand awareness – basically; you get the attention from people who have never heard of your website, company or product before. This is great for building your business and clientele.

Build your subscriber base and social media profile – the more traffic you get the higher the chances that more people will subscribe to your website to get more of the great content. If the call to action button is connected on your social media, you will also get a major growth in following.

How to get started with guest blogging

Before you start guest blogging, you have to ensure you are clear on what you are looking to achieve from guest blogging. For starters, you should check out industry blogs written by non- competitor companies where you want to give your insight on a certain subject.

Most people start guest posting for their partners, which is a great place to start.  It is a great co-marketing strategy and will bring more traffic to your website. You should use blogging as a way to develop good relationships with other companies that you would partner with currently and in the future.

Despite all this, research is one of the most essential parts of a successful guest blogging.  You have to keep your head up for the spam that is surfacing the web. This is why you should be mindful of the places and type of blogs you want to post your content on. Make sure you do not post spammy content on your website because it could get your penalised.

To be a successful guest blogger, you need to write high quality content that is targeted towards your specific niche, industry or area of expertise.  The quality of your posts depends on various things including:

  • Links to reliable sources on the topics you post
  • Is the writing fee of errors, typos and grammatical errors?
  • Does the subject matter show in your writing?
  • Do the posts receive any comments, shares and likes?

You should always include your name and website on the post. Should the site where you are posting the content allows it, you could also include a brief bio and link to your blog or website.

To create the perfect content, direct all your focus into finding writers or writing within your specific niche, from a respected business or company and within a similar market.  You and your writers should agree with the content on the post to make sure the message you are portraying is within all your interests.  If the content does not align with the persona, brand voice or business, it could have a very negative impact on the website, company and traffic.

What should you look at before you go into guest blogging or offer guest blogging on your website?

Is the industry or level of expertise by the website complementary to yours?

Does the blogger or blog has an incredible number of followers?  Are followers always posting new comments, sharing the content, active on the website and engaging with the website owners?

Look for a website that has a high social media following where they share their blogs on everyday and get a considerable number of views and shares.

A website with a high domain authority will help you amplify your SEO rankings.

Tip – while you are searching for websites and blogs to publish your content on, start by searching for keywords relevant to the industry.  This is the key to finding the relevant industry bloggers and website owners who are interested in the same topics and those who are accepting content submission from guest bloggers working in a specific niche.

What should a high quality guest blog look like?

As stated, the key to having high quality blogs is to prioritise on the content and keep your audience in mind while you are creating the content. While the blogs serve as a form of advertisements, they really should not portray that image.

Just like your inbound content, your blogs should aim to educate the reader and no to advertise your own services and products.

If topics written by other great bloggers are relevant to your products and services, it will be very beneficial to feature them on your blog. Some tips that will enhance your guest blogging strategies include:

Writing a clear and concise author bio

This is only relevant to websites and companies that allow you to include links that will lead the readers back to your website. Some companies prohibit this strictly.  The links could go to some of your content or main body of the blogs. Make sure the companies allow this because it is one of the great marketing factors you are looking to add to your website.

Include some relevant internal links to the company’s content within the guest posts

This not only shows your expertise in the field but also your commitment to share plenty of information and educate the readers.  The host website will appreciate the research on the content and might even post more of your content in the future.

Always remember to conclude the blog posts with a call to action button

This offers a platform for the readers to ask questions and leave comment. Remember that the more people share and comment on your content, the higher you rise on Google’s rank. This is a great SEO strategy for you and your host website.

Promote content from you guest blogging host on your own website and promote the guest blog on social media

This generates more traffic to the content and that could potentially increase the traffic on your own content. Sharing the content shows that you are grateful while also increasing the traffic to your website indirectly.

Use Google Analytics to track the traffic data

This gives you a bigger view of what the readers want to see and what part of the industry you should write about and promote the most to generate the most amount of traffic to the website.

Guest blogging and SEO

Guest blogging is a great tool to help build your domain authority and also moving up in the SEO ranking. It is a major contributor to the ranking on search engine. Keep in mind that this is all dependent on where you guest blog.  As long as you are very considerate and careful and also create high value blogs from legitimate bloggers and website, it will benefit you majorly.

There is no denying that any people have questioned on the actual benefits of guest blogging and if it will hurt their businesses.  The truth is, there are risks involved with guest blogging. There is no doubt that many people will come across spam bloggers who will lure you into posting low quality content that will only work to benefit their own SEO and link building.

To create a guest blogging strategy that will develop and boost your SEO, you need to provide relevant, genuine and helpful content that will educate all your reads and provide answers to certain questions.

As long as you provide high quality content consistently, guest blogging will help you increase the ranking and traffic on your website.

When other people link the content on their website back to your website, Google and other search engines count on the content of your blog as interesting and relevant. The more people comment, like and share the content the more you move up on the search engine ranking like Google’s page rank.

What does this mean? Your website will pop up on the first couple of pages when someone Googles that or a similar topic. So, adding keywords and links to your guest post, ensures that you rank even higher on the search engine and you get to generate high fit traffic and establish an authority in that area.

The link spam issue in guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great technique for link building and SEO, which is why so many people are adding this option to their websites. Some blog owners also pay bloggers to publish guest post on their behalf which may not be great for you if the quality is not that great.

Guest blogging networks 

Guest blogging networks became more relevant with the growth of guest blogging. The networks work by pairing the guest bloggers to blog editors that need more content on their website, while this seems like an innovative and effective way to guest post, it does not cater to the quality of the content. This way, you may end up with content that has spammy links or guest bloggers who have zero information about the right SEO TECHNIQUES.  Using spammy links will get you penalised by Google since you are violating the major terms and conditions.

The four main things to keep in mind while guest posting is; you should produce good quality content,  ensure you build a relationship with only reputable marketers and website owners, do not associate your content or name with sites that is beneath your standard and do not rush into anything without having the right information.

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