How to get more Twitter followers?

Hey there! Whether you are new to internet marketing or not, you already know the power of Twitter. Twitter is one of the largest social networks and it is especially great marketing tool for internet marketers … especially in internet marketing niche … or any other niche really. So, how does one go about getting more Twitter followers?

I run several Twitter accounts and they all have from several hundred followers to several thousand followers. There is one thing that I noticed that really helps in getting more Twitter followers – niche specific content. There is no point in having a general account, unless it’s your personal account … but even then you tend to post content related to your passion – whether it’s sports, dancing, etc …

In my early days, I used to look for services that give you followers but we both know that these kind of followers are fake. They are software generated accounts just to boost your following count. They are highly untargeted. No, they are not even active … they get deleted often times and your account gets in a risk of being suspended for using not-so-legit tactics for getting more followers. Worry not though, in this post I will share a few tips on how to get more Twitter followers … for free and completely legally.

Post related content to your niche – without a doubt, unrelated tweets will only drive away your audience. Followers will start unfollowing you because they will start seeing no value in your tweets if you go from SEO related tweets to weight loss …

Follow your followers – whenever I follow anyone, I really want them to follow me back as well. However, I don’t go and kill myself if I don’t get followed by the people I follow. When you follow your followers back, there is much higher stick rate. Sure, there are some people who will follow you and then unfollow you if you don’t reciprocate.

Engage with your followers – don’t just follow to keep your followers on the leash – engage with them by liking and sharing their tweets, if they are related to your niche, obviously. They say, sharing is wealth.

Use hashtags – start using hastags. Tweets are limited to 150 characters or so. Whenever you share a link, make sure you shorten it with ( services or similar to save up space. Then hammer the rest of the tweet with hashtags.

How does adding hastags relate to getting more Twitter followers? Whenever someone clicks on your tag, they will be taken to a page that has used the same exact hashtag. Now imagine someone coming from someone else’s post and seeing your post and liking it? It is likely they will start following you too.

Another clever technique that I used to use to get more Twitter followers is when you follow a few industry leaders and then you follow their followers. Often times those people will follow you back. If they don’t start following you back within 5 or 7 days, you can unfollow them … or not but I would not advice following too many people. I heard that at the beginning, you might be limited to 2,000 people you follow if your follower count is much lower than that but I cannot confirm that as I never done it before. Also, don’t follow too many people too fast. I would not suggest to follow more than 50 people per hour.

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