Traffic source #2 of 12 Increase traffic using free courses, audiobooks, etc …

Traffic source #2 of 12 Increase traffic using free courses, audiobooks, etc …

The one key ingredient you need to help you gain traction online is increasing website traffic. Marketing your website is very important. You could be one of the greatest content creators or have the greatest website and have valuable products on the site but if there are no consumers all that is in vain.  There are multiple ways that have been proven to gain your some traffic and free online courses, audiobooks, eBooks are some of them.

One thing is a guarantee, driving the traffic to your website is definitely easier said than done.  Because there are millions of websites present, you have to compete for your presence and the clients.  The process of getting more clients to your website may take forever but it is definitely worth it in the end.

 How to drive traffic to your website with free online courses

Creating a free online course is not as easy as it seems.  It takes a certain level of skill and experience to get it right and target the right kind of people.

Why should you create online courses?  They have proven to be successful in driving traffic to your website.  Online courses give you an opportunity to connect with other people and grow your network diligently.  The online course will probably cost you a lot to create but the benefits are worth every penny. Before you create the course, you need to understand your niche and what your audience would like to learn from you.

Online courses are a great way to generate revenue, even if it is not directly from your audience. You can use it to get paid for  advertisements by other companies and gain your money back.

Here are simple steps to guide you through the process.

Pick the course topics

Your main aim here is to know your audience and stick to the main topics. If you already have your audience, that’s great. It makes it easier for you to narrow down to the first online course topic.  If you don’t, you can do a mini survey or questionnaire to determine what people would like to learn about in your field of business.

You can send the survey to your social media and create polls to narrow down the topics.  The winning responses will give you a great place to start from. Ideally, the online content should revolve around the same subject and topics in your blogs and articles.  If you happen to cover more than one subject, you can to a survey and start there.  You are free to create more than one course if you can handle it.

Validate the online course

There are multiple website owners who have created successful online courses with great topics but they stopped. For most of them, this is due to the fear of failure and it is the reason why you should validate the course.

What does this do?

  • It can generate more revenue for you
  • It shows the actual demand of the courses
  • It builds more traffic and potential for people to purchase the course when you monetize it.

How do you validate the course?

By asking

This is a simple and cheap way to validate your online course.  You simply have to survey the existing audience. Create an engaging survey and do not enquire from your audience and potential clients what they would love to hear.

Sell the course in form of pdf

You may want to consider selling the courses later when you have a larger audience.  This proves that the demand for you book is great and will motivate you to make even better courses within the topics.  If you are not in this target yet, you can do another survey to get data on how many people would actually purchase the books.

Create the course content

Once you have a valid topic, you can start creating the actual content. Getting the topic means you have some level of demand for the online course. In most cases, you will just have to create a sequence of videos.

Now and then, you can use other media for the free online course like sound bites, images and PDF’S.  Sometimes you have to make things interesting and keep the audience coming back by adding quizzes (you will learn more about this below).

The main part of the course should be the videos because they are much more explanatory and hands on. You can record yourself on camera or a screen cast of what you want to share to your audience.

The three main things you should consider when setting up the course include:

  1. Who the course is for
  2. What it helps the individuals do
  3. And why is the course beneficial to the people

Course outline

You do not just go straight to the videos without planning. Creating a structure of your course is very important.  Scrip out the course and take down important points to know what you want to relay to the audience.

This saves you several hours of editing and retakes. You should start with the end and work your way to the top until you are sure you have covered all the right topics.

Hosting the online course

This is the most important part of your online course. There are three ways to host your online course

  1. The self hosting option

Basically, you have to host the videos yourself. This means that you should rent a server set up the website and everything.  You can use software like wordpress to create the sites and plugins for the site.

In real sense, this requires major technical know-how on your side and can be very time consuming.  If something goes wrong, you will be the one to fix it. If you have zero knowledge on how to host your course, you could talk to a professional who could help you do it at an agreed price range.

  1. Online course marketplaces

Here, all you have to do is post your videos and other content in an online course marketplace and sit back while they do the rest.  They are responsible for the accessibility of your video by the student.

This is a great option when you are super busy but you have to keep in mind that the marketplaces control everything.  For one, you have to comply with the terms and conditions and you may be met with restrictions that will keep you from reaching your goals.

  1. The leaning management systems

To many, this is the best of both worlds. The learning management systems are easy to set up and you get full control of your content.  All you have to do is sign up and upload the content.  Payment systems are built in so you can set the prices on your courses later. Your students get a better learning experience and they can even access it on both your phones and computer.

How Audio books increase the traffic to your website?

Note that the process of creating audio books and online courses is basically the same; the only difference is in the end results.  Audio books are really helpful for people who are visually impaired and want to learn more about a subject and people who are too busy to read the content on your site and still looking to learn more about specific things.

Audio books are actually becoming very popular among the younger generations.  More and more people are utilising them especially for business. They offer an excellent method to inform, educate and drive more traffic to your website.

They provide a convenient way for your audience to pick up additional information on both professional and personal ways. Statistics show that more people prefer audiobooks to listening to an entire class, reading an entire book or attending a seminar.  People with short attention spans find Audiobooks more entertaining than other forms of relaying information.

There are two simple ways you can create an Audiobook

The first option is to Pay for the production. If you consider yourself too busy to embark on this option, you create the book and find a narrator to record it in audiophiles. Some online companies specialise in Audio book production; it costs you but will save your time.

The second option involves recording your own Audio book which can be a bit difficult and costly. You need high quality equipment for this kind of task and also you need to be familiar with the recording specifications to get the right results.

With good quality information, you will be able to captivate your readers who will refer more people to your website. Make sure you state all the contact information at the end of the Audiobook to ensure the listeners know exactly who you are.

Ebooks and driving content to your website

Putting together enough information to make an interesting book with in-depth and valuable information means that you have to commit your time to doing plenty of research. Unlike the online course, you have to present plenty of information all one go.

You can take your time to create an Ebook as long as the information is accurate and will not be questioned by the audience. Remember, they are looking for expert information on the niche and this is what you have to offer. If the audience finds this useful, they will be trusting enough to engage in the content on your website.

You can distribute the books by promoting it to your followers, giving people the incentive to sign up on your website or sell the online copies to people who are willing to purchase it.

Marketing your online course, eBooks and audio books

The journey to increasing the traffic only starts once you market the online course. The following marketing tactics will help you get your free course up and running and drive more traffic to your website.

Get organic traffic to your site

This is one of the best ways to market the courses because it is free.  Have your contacts and name of the website on the online course just in case someone new stumbles on it and wants to interact with you more.

Optimising the courses will also drive more traffic to the site. Use keywords relevant to the content on your website and course topic to make it rank higher on Google.


Connect your online course to your blogs and other content on your website. Blogging offers you a chance to explain further or expand the online courses. Blogs also attract organic traffic and direct it to the online course, which is a double win.

Social media

YouTube – this is a popular search engine visited by millions of people around the world. Posting your online course on YouTube and linking it to your website will increase the traffic and rank you higher on Google. Posting regularly on YouTube will boost your website greatly.

Post on quora

Engaging in forums will win your major traffic. You can post your questionnaires about the online content on quora.

Guest posting your online course

Getting the online course to be posted on other websites will allow you to tap into their audience and increase your traffic.

Paid traffic – Google, Facebook and YouTube ads

Organic traffic will take time to build, which is why you should save your time and pay to advertise your online course.  Note that you should not send the ad traffic on your page, especially if you are trying to gain new traffic and leads.

Facebook, YouTube and Google allow you to make some payment so they can advertise your content and website for you.  The advertisement can target a specific demographic to ensure you build the traffic faster and turn most of it into leads.

Finally,  help your students succeed

As stated, your main aim of creating the course should be to educate the students while driving more traffic to your website.

Some people create online courses that do not adhere to the proper learning strategies and therefore will not help your students that much. To create the best content, you have to do plenty of research and implement strategies that will help people understand the content of your course and e-books and increase the completion rates. When people are more satisfied with your content, they refer family and friends which is a great way to build the traffic.  When your clients succeed, so will you.

Measure the success of your students by asking them the end goals and objective and how your content has pushed them towards reaching that goal. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will learn well using the same styles.  some people are visual learners which means they love to see images and videos in order to understand and grasp the concept while other prefer audio and text. Ensure you put out all topics in all three forms to cater to all of your audience.  Appeal to all the styles by focusing on content that can be converted and consumed in multiple ways.

Now that you know how to create online coourse or product, why not consider checking out the Traffic Torrent System – eBook that will teach you how to drive laser-targeted traffic?