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Cannabis SEO is getting more and more in demand. No wonder – CBD oils is getting exposed to masses, thanks to in-depth research and analysis of benefits of CBD oils. Of course, with the CBD growth, the demand for SEO for CBD websites and businesses also grows.

Cannabis SEO

CBD SEOI have a ton of experience working as a cannabis SEO consultant. Not only have I consulted but also ranked websites to first positions for CBD and cannabis related keywords. Not just keywords but money making keywords that actually ten-fold the online sales.

When it comes to cannabis SEO, whether you sell CBD oils or hemp related products, or manufacture CBD for other companies – you will certainly benefit from cannabis SEO services. As SEO consultant for quite a few big CBD brands, I have seen growth of certain brands with my own eyes. I have seen how much money CBD brands can make from organic (SEO) traffic alone.

The matter of fact is that organic traffic is considered to be one of the best converting traffic channels. When potential buyers are searching for CBD oil related terms on search engines, they are likely to buy it. In nature, humans are quite lazy. If they didn’t actually want to buy something, why would they search info about that particular product? And I am not talking about just random info about cannabis but actual terms that people search to buy CBD (buy CBD oil, CBD gummies, etc …).

SEO for Cannabis websites

SEO for cannabis websites is a lot different than SEO for regular websites. While all the regular SEO tactics still matter, backlinks for cannabis websites become more valuable. This is because a lot of webmasters will refuse to link to cannabis and CBD websites. This is because a lot of people are still uneducated about cannabis and CBD and they still think that CBD is some sort of illegal drug or substance. As a matter of fact, more and more countries around the globe are actually legalising cannabis use.


As you are owner of CBD business, it is your job to educate your visitors and potential buyers about benefits of cannabis (although you cannot claim health benefits which is weird as there are quite a few good case studies done that tell you about all the good things that CBD do for you body). However, since your plate is already full with manufacturing CBD (if you manufacture CBD yourself), fulfilment, logistics, customer service and so on, I am not surprised that you are in search for CBD SEO consultant …

The matter of fact is that CBD is still very restricted as to where you can and can’t advertise. You need an experienced restrictive SEO consultant who can and will help you out with the rankings because CBD SEO is a lot different from generic SEO.

SEO for CBD business

How is SEO for CBD business different than generic SEO? Well, simply put, due to fact that it’s a lot harder to acquire high quality backlinks due to webmasters refusing to link to CBD websites, backinks become more valuable. I am not saying that technical SEO or on-page SEO doesn’t matter – it does. Majority of CBD websites are based on Shopify these days which does a great job when it comes to technical SEO. Shopify also does a great job with on-page optimisation (there might need to be a few quick tweaks here and there but nothing major) so the last part that’s left is backlinks.

CBD Backlinks

The backlinks is something that most SEO consultants struggle with. However, I have been working as a link builder for many major companies across the world who have attained remarkable results due to my backlinks. As for CBD backlinks – it’s just a matter of finding webmasters who have great websites and don’t mind linking to CBD websites.

These people are probably the ones who have used CBD oils by themselves and also seen results with their own eyes. However, it only sounds easy but in actuality, 98% of webmasters actually refused.

However, over the many years that I have been into restrictive SEO and link building, I have made a ton of connections who I have worked with for over decade and a half.

Cannabis Backlinks

Generally, a lot of webmasters see quite a big difference between CBD, cannabis, etc … majority of webmasters think that CBD oils are some sort of alternative remedy (which is) but when it comes to linking to cannabis websites, they feel that cannabis is related to weed or marijuana. Of course, it’s always easier to get links using anchors such as CBD oils rather than “cannabis” but there are some people who don’t mind linking.

So when it comes to cannabis backlinks, it is always easiest to use “CBD” rather than “Cannabis”.

Don Mazonas – your CBD SEO consultant

So if you are interested in getting your cannabis or CBD website ranked high on search engines (likely first positions), you should NOT hesitate contacting me. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me over LinkedIn or Instagram. Many thanks!


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