Can a browser based game make money?

You know what really fascinates me about gaming industry? It’s constantly growing. Games like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush make millions of dollars a month. Those games are massive and they are really well planned.

Today I launched a very beta version of browser game called Amalkera. It’s basically a dungeon crawler with automatically generated monsters that get tougher and tougher and random item loot which also gets stronger as you keep slaying tougher monsters.

There aren’t many options in the game yet, I will keep working on it on daily/bi-daily basis. The game already has brilliant loot system, forging system and boss fighting system. I have already implemented VIP feature where players get benefits such as higher drop rate, double XP gain and some other benefits.

There will be two main monetisation methods: monthly premium (VIP) memberships and credit purchases. If I get 1,000 subscribers, that’s $5,000 / month.

Main traffic generation channels:

  • Social media – I will be posting a lot of relevant stuff on Facebook fan page and Twitter page to gain massive following. I might consider adding other social networks such as Youtube, etc …
  • Banner ads – there are dozens of websites that are self-managed ad platforms such as Project Wonderful, Buy Sell Ads and plenty more. There are some specificly for games. Although, they may seem more expensive, they are most trageted ads.
  • Vote websites – there are couple dozen websites related to gaming niche where people vote for your site and your site gets higher rankings on their sites thus getting more traffic from those voting sites. These work especially when they are all very targeted. Also, these sites offer ad spaces.
  • SEO – I am big on SEO and I do on every project that I run, no matter how small or big it might be. I have plenty of ideas of how to make proper content so content can rank high. I think about creating a blog and then having best SEO content on it to rank for many long tail keywords and then having a banner on the sidebar, a massive one, to get them to the game.
  • Affiliated sites – I am not talking about sites that would be advertising the game and getting paid in commissions (as in affiliate marketing). I am thinking about other gaming blogs. For example, Diablo 3 related fan blog which would rank high for Diablo 3 related keywords. I would have banners to the game all over the blog so even a blind person couldn’t miss it. Might be annoying but it’s free traffic as long as the blog gets tons of traffic.
  • PPC – obviously, PPC, once I figure all my conversion rates and what not so I know how much I can spend per visitor to at least break even.

I believe this project can be profitable with right marketing and game updates in place. Since I already got the game up and running, all I need is luck.