Brainstorming blogging ideas using Yahoo! Answers

Good evening. Amongst internet marketers, Y! Answers is one of the best sources for long term traffic strategies. Marketers normally engage into answering the question and having link(s) dropped at the bottom to their posts or their post and other people’s posts to complement the answer. It’s great but what if you run out of ideas what to write on your blog?

Use Y! Answers to get ideas what to write. Oh, not only that! You can also use it to research the very same topic. Look, the way I see it, Yahoo is like closed community. It’s them and then there is outside world. Whilst majority of people who look for certain answers on Google are aware of Y! Answers, they still rather Google for answer than go to Yahoo portal. I know that I would Google, Y! Answers is not very convenient for me and it is so unfamiliar.

Anyway, I will show you how it’s done. Go to Y! Anwers. Assume that my niche is relationships. Pick the category from the list on the right and scan through the questions:


This is a summary of the possible topic ideas even without scrolling the page:

  • How to get over a celebrity crush?
  • Do guys prefer boobs over butt?
  • Do guys prefer butt over boobs?
  • Do men/boys/guys like perfect boobs?
  • Can a married man be friends with a woman/lady he is not attracted to?

These are all posted within 24 hours and they all have decent number of answers for researching the post. Let’s take a look at one of the questions on how to get over a celebrity crush. This is what we see:


These are only first 3 responses out of 20. You can read the rest of the responses and make a “mental” or actual plan of your post structure. Then you can also do research on search engines if you can’t make a proper post out of those responses. Perhaps you just know your topic like a back of your hand? Put your own ideas. You can also respond to the original question on Y! Anwers and drop a friendly link at the bottom of the post.

Fed up of Y! Anwers? Here are a few other sites:

Did this help to get new ideas for your today’s blog post? How do you brainstorm ideas? Share your ideas in the comments below!