Traffic source #1 of 12: How to use blogging to get more traffic

Traffic source #1 of 12: How to use blogging to get more traffic

Today, most people go straight to Google when they are trying to look for anything.  This has opened doors for many people, especially those who own websites online. Having a website for your business is a great marketing strategy because it attracts more traffic and ultimately your clientele.

No matter the type of website you have and products you are selling, you want people to find it fast when it shows up on the search engine. Ranking plays a huge factor in increasing the traffic to your website. Blogging is considered one of the best ways to rank higher in search engines and increase traffic to your website.

Having a blog unfortunately is not considered a ranking factor. The things you do on the blog will determine if you will get more traffic to your website. A blog with regularly updated content with topics relevant to your website and audience is good for attracting more traffic to the web.

How does blogging actually increase traffic to your website?

Blogs keep people on your website for longer

The number one priority is to provide people with information they are looking for. If you have that, there is a high chance that the readers will come back for more content.  An individual who finds the link but finds it not helpful will go to find results that are more helpful. When the information is significant, they stay longer and this is a signal that the content is great.

Time spent on your site is definitely a ranking factor on Google. Someone will stick around on your website and read the blog but if the page has less text and zero information, there is no reason to stay. Basically, blog posts help you rank higher on Google and increase the traffic on the web.

According to a research, the longer the visitor stays on the website, more likely he/she is going to buy from your site. Blogging is also great for making more sales.

Blogging keeps the website and content fresh and current

Have you ever stumbled on a blog with information that has not been updated in several years? You definitely lose interest and trust especially because the information is old and probably unreliable. One would think that the company has run out of business or they could be providing false information. To make matters worse, Google will not deliver the searchers to information that is outdated.

If you regularly update your website and offer fresh content, the Google search algorithms index the site more often and keep it a priority for readers.

Good quality blogs present an opportunity for backlinking

One of the most difficult parts of web optimisation is internal links. Google (and other major search engines) will see your site as authoritative and trustworthy when respected sites have linked back to your content. Without great blogs, it is impossible to get backlinks.

Blogs help fill your website with very valuable information. When other website owners in a similar niche decide that it is quite valuable, they will point their readers to that useful information. Basically, this increases the traffic on your website.

Keep in mind that the information on your blog posts had to be great and worthy of linking for you to get multiple backlinks.

Not only that but blog posts also give plenty of opportunities for you to link back to other relevelant content through internal links. This tremendiously helps reducing bounce rate (which is one of the ranking factors), prolongs visitor visit time (which is another ranking factor) and it might just be great for making more sales.

Connect with your audience through blogs

Great posts bring a relatable audience to your website. When a reader is fascinated or can understand your blog, they will share it and drive more traffic to that particular post.  People will want to see more of your content and a majority will even sign up for an email list. This makes a snowball effect – more people keep sharing your content – more potential traffic for sharers’ circle of network.

While the ranking factor for your blogs and website is important, connecting with the audience is more valuable. Interacting with your audience through the blogs in the comments is seen to drive more traffic to the website.  Blog commenting creates a connections between you, your blog and the readers. It is a great platform to share information, opinions, ideas and thoughts about the blog.

Did you know that blog commenting could actually make the website and blogs go viral? Many people appreciate the conversations website owners make with their readers. You also gain some backlinks when you comment on related blogs posted by other people’s websites. On this, later (in a few weeks time).

Blogs establish the tone and identity of your website

It is impossible to capture the tone and identity of your brand in a few characters and words, especially if you are looking to promote it. Your probably have a lot to say on what you want to offer, your knowledge and experience on that field.

A blog is a great platform for you to do that. Blogs are typically long and will increase your ranking on Google. They provide you with space and opportunity to speak of the industry and your insights. It is a great way to establish your tone – you can be fun and playful and at the same time informative and serious. Having these relatable characteristics on your blog will automatically lead to an increase in the traffic.

Here is what you can do to attract more traffic with the blogs

If you have a blog, you already understand the importance of blogging for your business. the questions is, do you know how to optimize your blog post to make them search engine friendly and increase the traffic to your website?

Many bloggers fail to take advantage of blogs. While having blogs is important, you have to learn how to optimize them for SEO so you can get maximum traffic to your website. A few years ago I wrote a guide on how to create content that ranks. It is still working to this day.

The following are some optimisation techniques that will help your blog get the attention you need.

Do plenty of research

Keywords are an addition to your content and play a big role in bringing more traffic to your website. Keyword research is very essential when it comes to blog optimisation. There is a great chance that you are including keywords in your blog posts or content and topic without even realising it. Because that method is unreliable, you can use various techniques and tools to find relevant keywords related to your blog posts and websites. and the Google Adwords Keyword tool allow you to find relevant keywords. You can also use these applications to spy on your competition and see the popular keywords on their pages. Don’t forget Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. It is another great tool that you can use for free. I will write a massive guide on keyword research at some point this summer.

Utilise the keywords on your blogs

Once you find the relevant and valuable keywords, you should place them in your content. Consider adding them to places that will have the most impact for visitors and search engine crawlers indexing.  Include the keywords in your:

  • Heading and subheadings,
  • Concluding paragraph
  • Anchor text
  • Introductory sentence
  • Title tags and meta descriptions

Filling your content with too many keywords will make your blogs difficult to understand. Overstuffing not only irritates the leaders but will get you penalised by Google. Placing a few keywords strategically will do the trick. It shouldn’t exceed 3% of your entire content. For example, within 1,000 words long content, you should use more than 30 keywords.

Target the long tail keywords

Most people will start out with the most relevant keywords when they want to optimise the website and blog. This is not in any way wrong but it has become such a cliché.  While it is a simple and nice way to optimise the content, it is in no way competitive and will not bring any major changes to your site.

Looking for longer and more specific keywords will give your blogs the much needed help. Long tail keywords are interdependent. Without blogs, you will have no place to incorporate the keywords on your website.  The long tail keywords on the other hand, are very important for ranking your blogs at the top which as you know, will lure in more traffic.

Optimise the images on your blog posts and add videos

When you upload any pictures in your blog, make sure they are optimised. You can do this by including relevant keywords on the file name and alternative text field of the image. A keyword rich description is the perfect way to optimize the image. However, due to very limited space, you shouldn’t use more than 3 keywords. I would suggest keeping 2 keywords actually.

Supplement some of the written content on your blogs with short videos to make it fun and more entertaining. People respond better to content that is informational but still has some entertaining aspect to it.

Most people use their mobile phones to search for information online, which means that the visitors will not wait around for the blog to load. If the blog and the images/videos are not showing up fast enough, they leave and move on to the next website. Use Google speed insight tools to check the speed score and tips on how you can optimize the blogs for mobile. Another great way to vary your content is to add SlideShare slides if videos are too time-consuming.

Others ways you can drive more traffic to your website through blog

The frustration of getting readership on your blog is real and will rake a heavy toll on you. You might have endless blog on your website but that does not guarantee that readers will magically appear on your website.  In reality, it takes you plenty of work to build your audience.

One thing I can guarantee is that you will get frustrated and some point and give up but you do not have to. Once you get the benefits you will understand why blogging has such major impact on your website and consequently the business by attracting more traffic to your website and building your audience. Blogs make a major impression on your prospective clients.

Write more

The more and often you update the content in your blog, the more potential traffic you are able to receive.  Search engines like Google prioritise websites that have god quality as well as fresh content. If you are looking to get more attentions on your blogs, you need to do weekly (if not daily) updates on the blogs.

Reuse past content on other website.  When you share your blog content, there is no assurance that majority of your fan base will see it the first time. Sharing your blog posts on other websites will increase the probability y of more people seeing the content and going to your website.

Use attractive titles on your blogs

Some people argue that the title of the blog is more important than the content. This could be true because the potential readers get to decide on what content they want to read from the title. That being said, you need to pay more attention on the title of your blogs; use titles that will entice the readers with information more so regarding the product(s) you are selling.

What is your niche?

Creating content that does not follow a clear theme will drive the readers away rather than increasing the traffic on your website.  You should obviously create content that falls under the theme relating to your business. With a target audience in mind, you can create reader specific content that lures in a certain group of people.

Add a social sharing button

This is common at the top and bottom of almost all blog posts. Including sharing buttons to popular social websites like facebook, Instagram, YouTube, linkedIn and other sites will encourage readers to spread the information and increase the traffic to your website.

Give the readers the opportunity to subscribe to your website.  You can do this by simply adding feed subscription and RSS buttons on the blogs. This gives the viewers ability to subscribe to the blogs through their emails. Subscription allows readers to have instant notification as soon as you upload new content without having to struggle to check for you content.  Now people get to see your content more which is an automatic increase in traffic. Just don’t forget to send emails on weekly basis.

Invest in promoting your blog

Your target audience is probably spending more time on other social media platforms like Instagram, youtube, linkedIn and facebook. This is why you should invest some of your marketing finance in sponsored posts on social media. Advertising your blogs will attract the right clients to your website which is essentially the kind of traffic you want.

I will also write a guide on how to do proper guest posts and blogger outreach. This is a real deal to get a lot of targeted traffic and rank high on search engines.

Final word

If you are looking to increase your brand exposure and establish yourself and business as an expert in that industry, you definitely want to take advantage of blogging. Blogging is a great marketing strategy that will increase the traffic in your website and this can be your chance to bring in more clientele to the business.

Every time you post a blog on your website, you present an opportunity for it to show up on the search engines and bring more organic traffic. It also gives you a chance to get discovered through social media and this is great exposure for your business. Blogs attract strangers who become visitors who are then converted to leads and ultimately future clients and promoters. The efforts you place in your blogs increase traffic over a long period of time, which is definitely worth it.

If you need more traffic from SEO, Social Media, etc … you can always check Traffic Torrent System and download it for free.