How to become rich online?

How to become rich online

In this post I will share some things you need to know before you can become rich online. If you are like me, who started from basically nothing, then you might be interested in hearing what you would need to do in order to become rich online.

First of all, this is not a step-by-step guide where you will learn everything you need to do in order to become rich but you will have a good knowledge in what you need to do in order to be rich.

Before we even begin, you must understand that there is no such thing as push-button riches. The closest that I can think of is email marketing where you click on “send email” and lots of emails will be sent, depending on how big your list is. Other than that, there is no such software. So before you even begin to read this post, please understand that you will need to work hard for it.

So, now that you know that you will not become rich online over night, you should decide on what you would like to do. There are many things you can do but in this post I will share 2 most common ways that people used (and still use) to become rich online.

First, it’s product creation. More like its marketing and selling. Of course you can create a few (or many) cheap products and then sell them on your site. Reports can be just a few pages long and then you can sell for $7 or something. Of course, you can sell for more than that but this is what you would expect to make from short reports. Depending on your niche, you might be able to sell thousands of such copies per week, or maybe just a few. Whatever the case may be, this is passive income stream and you will be able to make money online for a long time!

The second method is to become affiliate marketer. That means you would be promoting other people products and get paid for every sale they make from your efforts. If it is a digital product, you should expect to get anywhere from 50% to 100% from the product price. Yes, some people are actually paying out 100% commissions. Of course in order to do that, you no longer need to review products on your website. Of course it is a bonus but gone are days where you would review a product and put your affiliate link. You would then rank the page and get people from Google and those people would buy from you. It doesn’t work like that anymore. You need to build relationship with those buyers because there are many scams around here these days.

How do you build relationship with those people? Simple really! You release a report in your niche for free download but you acquire their email address. Then you send emails to those subscribers to help them out even further. Of course, you can plug in some ads every now and then with your affiliate links. When your subscribers become aware of how much of value you provide, they will be looking forward to your next email and they will be things from you. Of course not everybody will buy, some may even unsubscribe, but there will be buyers!

However, in order to become rich online, having a product is not enough. Having that free eBook for download is also not enough. You need to run traffic. This is not a guide on how to acquire traffic. There are tons of methods to do get traffic. I can suggest to read my guide on how to perform product launch jacking – this is free guide which does not even require to give me your email. Just promise me this – you will share it on social media if you find it useful.

Product launch jacking has allowed me to make four figures per week in some cases. In most cases I make several hundred per week from this alone. Then I have email marketing in place which makes even more money on the back-end. While this is not a huge amount of money, any money I make is still money earned. It allows me not to go to work or work for boss. I not need to commute everyday to work. All I need to do is just simply do my work from home whenever I get up. If I don’t feel like working after last night’s party, I skip it and work the next day.