Vidizi review + MASSIVE bonus

Product: Vidizi

Author(s): Jimmy Kim

Launch Date: 5 July, 2017

Price: $67

Recommended? Absoultely!

Website: click here


What is Vidizi?

First of all, we need to understand that video marketing is very powerful – one of the most powerful advertising methods these days. So, what does that have to do with Vidizi? Well, Vidizi is the 15 seconds video creation that is specifically used for advertising. Why 15, exactly? That’s because if it’s longer then viewers might get bored. If it’s shorter then readers might not get the right message that you are trying to send.

So, how does Vidizi make is so powerful? First of all, once you are in dashboard, you have 3 options – use video from YouTube. Use your own video or use video form Vidizi library (most recommended).

So, once you choose the video, and if you choose from the Vidizi library then you made the right decision. Once you choose this option, you can choose from the list of hundreds of professionally shot videos. You just choose the category and then choose the video. All of those videos are very professional and exclusive for Vidizi users because they were shot exactly for Vidizi users.

So, once you have the video that you want to use, you can add your own captions and customise captions whatever the way you wish. Add text and choose the colour. Add sub-heading if you need it. Choose colour. Choose background colour. Choose the effect of the caption – slide it from the top, bottom, flash, etc … you are in control.

These Vidizi videos will be around 15 secods each, which is enough time to grab one’s attention and then pull them into your website or a product you are selling. What happens next, is up to you. This product is all about creating visual and appealing videos to grab viewers’ attention.

Who is Jimmy Kim (creator of Vidizi)?

Jimmy Kim is a well know internet marketer who always creates amazing products that peopl buy … and by people I really mean many people. His launches make 6 figures each and every time. Do you know what that means? Jimmy Kim knows what people need and want. That means his products are made of the state of art.

Jimmy Kim worked on Vidizi for the past 8 months, spending $2,000 and making almost $54,000 in revenue from 15 seconds video ads. This is amazing. So Jimmy Kim is sharing his secrets and the types of videos that work and he has tested unbelievably heavily ever since.

Vidizi bonus

As each and every product I promote here, Vidizi comes with amazing bonuses. Let’s talk about Vidizi bonus here:

  • Affiliate Assasssin – how to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. This is one of the methods that I use to generate income online. Please note that I have several income streams and this one is great!
  • Article Marketing Knockdown – use article marketing to gain rankings and traffic to your websites and products you are selling.
  • Blogging Mastermind – how to utilise blogs and make money from them. In this day and age, it is very important to blog and stuff.
  • CPA Profits – how to make a ton of money with CPA (cost per action). It is quite easy to get people to submit their emails or zip codes and make money with it.
  • Domain Cash Secretsmake money online with domaining – buy domains and flip them at the higher price.
  • eBay Profits – make money with eBay. It is quite easy actually to make a few dozens of cash using eBay.
  • eBook Profiteer – make money with eBook and Amazon Kindle.
  • FaceBook Fan Gate – how to create very attractive fan pages on Facebook that will make YOU money.
  • Freelance Freedom – become freelancer and make a lot of money with it.
  • Joint Venture Success – have your own product? Get JVs to work with you and make a ton of extra cash!
  • List Building Profits – how to create a very responsive list and make money with it.
  • Niche Profits – get into micro-niches and make a ton of money.
  • Offline Goldmine – online is not enough? Get cash from your offline clients. Fast.
  • Online Business – what is online business? Learn how to creat one.
  • PLR Income Blueprint – make a lot of money with PLR products.
  • Public Domain – make money with things and produts that were created by other people … this is NOT about affiliate marketing.
  • Traffic Overdrive – get more traffic than your servers can handle.
  • Twitter Traffic – get traffic from Twitter (this comes in handy with the Twitter Follower Bonanza).
  • Video Blogging – or, in other words, vlogging, is something that no busines can be amazing without. These days, video blogging is important for each and every business. Learn it!
  • Worldwide Membership Cash – make money online with membership sites. It’s not as hard as you think!

I believe the Vidizi bonus that I offer here is worth thousands of dollars. In order to claim it, you will need to email to Email your name and email you used to purchase it and then, once I validate the purchase, I will send all the bonuses to you, manually.

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