Video marketing? Bring in shit loads of money with Video Ads Genius

Video Ads GeniusDude, you probably already know that video marketing is HOT right now and if you are not using it, you are losing the game!

Look, there are many marketers who are running video ads on YouTube and other sites. What if I told you that now, you can too!

Howard Lynch has created this course called Video Ads Genius which not only teach you how to properly create video ads that convert but how to monetize the traffic as well.

Doing video marketing without Video Ads Genius is like diving into ocean with locked all limbs. Do you know what would happen in that case? You would sink … you would sink all your money doing video marketing without Video Ads Genius.


Do you think that at this day and age video marketing has to be expensive? Fuck no! Howard will teach you how to get penny visitors and you can start with a very low budget!

Video Ads Genius is not just training on how to get views for pennies, this is a full and comprehensive training on where to send the traffic to make money.

Look, you can get all the traffic you can but if you are sending it to the wrong offer (whether it’s for building a list, promotng affiliate or CPA offer), you will get a middle finger. You must know WHERE to send them and make money.

In this course, Howard Lynch will take you by hand and show you how it’s done – what YouTube Ads are, what they used for, greatest targeting options, how to make a compliant landing and squeeze pages and how make it work! Howard has achieved 700% ROI in some campaigns, that means, for every $1 invested, he earned $7. That’s bloody 7 times the investment!


Video Ads Genius also includes a case study of one of his most successful campaigns – shopify affiliate. The course spans over 4 hours in great details and that feels as if Howard is right here, next to you, showing how it’s done.

But why not get even deeper in this business? If you really want to make it BIG, you can consider these for additional several bucks:

  • Video Aads Engineer – a course that will teach you how to make a successful script for your ad. This also includes a great and full case study of how Howard was selling these videos as a service for $150 per vieo on Warrior Forum. Video ads engineer will also teach how to publish short videos as a course on multiple platforms to create additional income stream.
  • Youtube Ads Bootcamp – this is a 4 week course which will show you how to create a succssful campaign. This is going to be live and all the questions will be answered.
  • Youtube Review Lifestyle – this is a product that will change your life – you will get a complete course on how to make high income on reviewing products and advertising on Youtube. Here, Howard will give you samples of what worked for him. You will also get the tools that you can use to make the same kind of ads. This method was Howard’s main income stream for 14 months.
  • Premium training – why not let Howard to teach you face to face? This is a one year long course that includes regular modules, hangouts, calls and you will stay motivated and succeed!

If you wish to get any of those products, just click on “Access Now” button on this page. Just don’t forget to read more about Howard’s additional free bonus and 2 bonuses you will get if you purchase any of thes products.


Video Ads Genius bonus from Howard

This WordPress plugin called Instant Review Creator will allow you to create video review posts on your blog. All you need to do is fill a few fields in and click a few buttons and a very nice video review will be posted on your blog! It’s that simple!

Now, you probably already know the drill – get 2 bonuses from me.

My first bonus – SEO Online Profits – a short and concise report that tells you how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month from SEO alone. This is how I made nearly $1 million within 10 years.


The second bonus – drop me an email or message on Skype regarding your SEO questions and I will respond to it ASAP. I will either respond to you directly or create a blog post or video addressing your issue(s). This can save you thousands if you fuck up SEO for your business.

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