Video Chief review + absolutely smashing bonus

Product: Video Chief

Author(s): Joshua Zamora

Launch: 6 July, 2017

Price: $47

Website: click here

Recommended? FUCKING YEAH!

What is Video Chief?

Video Chief

In its, probably, 3rd launch, Video Chief is one of the greatest products in its industry. With Video Chief you can easily do green-screen videos with already pre-built spokesperson. That means that you can easily create different green screen videos in different niches.

Now, Video Chief is great as it offers amazing value for the money. You will get all the videos from the first and second versions. The best thing is, they added several hundreds of videos for the 3rd version of Video Chief.

Around 150 green screen video templates can be customised the way you like. Add your own scripts and effects and backgrounds to make it truly yours.

Not only do you get these videos to download for free, you also get all the scripts used in these videos to download for free. Video Chief also offers done-for-you voice overs. Video Chief also offers done-for-you courses in case you want to sell thes courses or build a massive list out of it.

Video Chief is great and covers dozens of niches – corporate law, dentistry, dog training, accounting and many more. Think of niche – it’s there.

Sell these videos for $500-$1,000 each or rank them and get boat loads of leads. With a little upgrade, Video Chief also offers automated link building and SEO so you can easily rank videos or offer this for your clients as a freebie or upsell.

With a small amount of monthly cash you can get new videos for download added each and every month. I believe they offer about 200 new videos every month. They are all high quality and customisable.

Who is Joshua Zamora?

Joshua Zamora, or Zamurai, is one of the greatest internet marketers who creates products that people actually need. He is behind the products such as eCome Edge, Zamurai Video Bootcamp, Zamurai Video Graphics Editor and Video Traffic Genie. We can see that his main traffic source is videos. No wonder that Video Chief is yet another video marketing related product. You know you are in for a great product as his other products have sold in large quantities.

Video Chief Bonus

Why would I promote Video Chief without amazing bonuses? Here are the special bonuses if you purchase Video Chief through this link (or any links on this page).

Secrets of $500,000/month man – in this interview you will learn how a guy is making half million every single month through his marketing agency. Not only will the guy tell you how he makes it, he will also teach you how to do marketing like that and collect BIG CHECKS! This bonus alone is worth every single penny you will spend on Video Chief.

Client sign up and proposal contracts – use these contracts to sell your SEO services. Guys receive $500 – $3,000 per month using these contracts and proposals. You can also use these templates to sell one-time services like the videos you get from Video Chief.

Fastest ways to find clients – this is a very special bonus. Learn 3 fastest ways to sell the videos you get from Video Chief. To these clients you find, you can sell your marketing services using the templates above. All of these 3 bonuses will only enhance your experience with Video Chief. And you get them for free if you purchase through the links on this page.

Other Video Chief bonus:

  • Affiliate Assasssin – how to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. This is one of the methods that I use to generate income online. Please note that I have several income streams and this one is great!
  • Article Marketing Knockdown – use article marketing to gain rankings and traffic to your websites and products you are selling.
  • Blogging Mastermind – how to utilise blogs and make money from them. In this day and age, it is very important to blog and stuff.
  • CPA Profits – how to make a ton of money with CPA (cost per action). It is quite easy to get people to submit their emails or zip codes and make money with it.
  • Domain Cash Secretsmake money online with domaining – buy domains and flip them at the higher price.
  • eBay Profits – make money with eBay. It is quite easy actually to make a few dozens of cash using eBay.
  • eBook Profiteer – make money with eBook and Amazon Kindle.
  • FaceBook Fan Gate – how to create very attractive fan pages on Facebook that will make YOU money.
  • Freelance Freedom – become freelancer and make a lot of money with it.
  • Joint Venture Success – have your own product? Get JVs to work with you and make a ton of extra cash!
  • List Building Profits – how to create a very responsive list and make money with it.
  • Niche Profits – get into micro-niches and make a ton of money.
  • Offline Goldmine – online is not enough? Get cash from your offline clients. Fast.
  • Online Business – what is online business? Learn how to creat one.
  • PLR Income Blueprint – make a lot of money with PLR products.
  • Public Domain – make money with things and produts that were created by other people … this is NOT about affiliate marketing.
  • Traffic Overdrive – get more traffic than your servers can handle.
  • Twitter Traffic – get traffic from Twitter (this comes in handy with the Twitter Follower Bonanza).
  • Video Blogging – or, in other words, vlogging, is something that no busines can be amazing without. These days, video blogging is important for each and every business. Learn it!
  • Worldwide Membership Cash – make money online with membership sites. It’s not as hard as you think!

Video Chief will blow your mind!

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