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Hello, I know it must be frustrating to write content for your blog(s). There are many factors that may play here – lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of discipline to keep up with the blogging, etc …

Worry not though, this service is exactly what you need and deserve. You can take off on holidays and leave your blog content worries to us.

You see, this service includes everything – keyword research, content creation, content publishing, content formatting to make it rank easier with 0 additional work.

If you wonder what content can really do for your site, then take a look at these traffic increments:

Traffic 1

Traffic 2

Traffic 3

How about rankings like these (due to content alone, no additional work like links were done):

Rankings 1

Rankings 2

Keyword research

I have a team of keyword researchers who will research long tail keywords that have at least 50 exact monthly searches so once the content ranks, you will get traffic from search engines! All keywords will be related and tailored to your blog so you will get targeted traffic as well.

Content writing

I have a large team of writers who are best at SEO content or general content. They will write content that is engaging and very well researched. The content will be loved by your readers and search engines too. The average length of content is 500 words per article. We can vary the length to make it more natural.

Content publishing

We will log into your blog and publish the content. We will schedule or backdate – whatever you prefer. All the content will be there without you lifting a finger! For that, we will require at least contributor’s account on your blog. This will not allow us to change anything on your blog – only post new content and edit the content that has been posted from that account.

Content formatting

We will format the content to meet the latest on-page SEO standards – we will bold, italic and underline the keywords, add image (different image for each post) and link back to the post from the article.

Secret sauce

OK, this is not really a secret sauce. We will interlink your content like crazy – each post we publish will link out to at least another 4 posts on your blog which will help to rank higher for those keywords and it will definitely reduce bounce rate which is also one of SEO factors. We have a special way of writing posts so we can easily interlink properly and the post will be readable.


Now you know the value of what you are getting. We do not charge arm or leg. Our services are affordable. Here are the packages:

10 posts / month – $157 / month

20 posts / month – $297 / month

30 posts / month – $437 / month

Contact me if you are interested in hiring. Just remember what you are getting:

  • Keywords researched
  • Content written
  • Content published
  • Content formatted
  • Secret sauce applied
  • Report delivered

If you need a custom package or would like to order in bulk, please contact me now and we will work something out for sure!

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Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

CEO & Founder at Don Mazonas
Don Mazonas is internet marketer and entrepreneur for the past 10 years. He wrote a book called "Content Mastery" where he teaches how to create blog posts that rank high and long term. Click here to learn more about Content Mastery 2016