YAFBPS – Yet Another Freakin’ Blog Posting Service

I have run this service since early 2013. You get spun content blog posts on PR1+ blogs with many different titles. The uniqueness of content is 95% or more. This makes content completely unreadable but hey, this is intended for search engines, not visitors. In short, here are the features of network:

  • 600 blogs in the network
  • hosted over 400 IP addresses
  • different themes/widget settings
  • more than one registrar
  • different who.is data, most have who.is privacy on
  • deindexed blogs are regularly cleaned and replaced with new ones
  • PR1+ (majority – PR3-PR4)
  • All self-hosted blogs, no blogger or blogspot
  • only 10 posts on homepage (up to 30 OBL), no sidebar links are being sold
  • no reports for safety purposes

This is similar to what ALN used to be but much safer and under radar. This service is best for:

  • churn and burn type of sites (or rank, bank and tank)
  • product launch hijacks
  • strengthen your tier 1 and tier 2 links

This service has been successfully run for years on Black Hat World forums with hundreds of satisfied customers.


So what you are getting is a highly spun content posted randomly on 300 different blogs for only $14!


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Don Mazonas

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