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Don Mazonas - SEO consultant
Don Mazonas – SEO consultant

Imagine your company was ranking higher than your competitors. You can a massive flow of prospects each and every day.

What would this mean to you and your business? Obviously, more prospects – more sales – higher profit.

However, most SEO consultants will only consult you and then may or may not direct you to the right sources to actually start the SEO campaign.

I am different. Even though I am SEO consultant, I started as a link builder – one of the most important parts of SEO campaign.

So, as a SEO consultant, what are you going to get from me?

First of all, I will check your website out. If the website is a few years old, it will most likely need re-structuring content and internal linking. However, if the website is very old, it might be easier to develop a brand new website. If you decide to work with me then your website will be 100% search engines friendly. That means that your website will be developed with SEO in mind.

Then, depending on the website, I might suggest rewriting certain pages or posts. There is a good chance that your business may be in the industry that has a ton of content thus there will be a need for more content.

Depending on competition and the industry that your business is in, you will most likely need off-page SEO done. I will do a thorough competition analysis which will determine how competitive the industry is. I will do everything myself as I have been doing this for many years.

Once the competition analysis is done, I will suggest what should be done to increase the rankings. If you need local rankings done (for keywords like “dentist Hatfield”), restructuring the internal linking and on-page SEO (optimised content) is usually enough. If you need national or international rankings, a complex off-page SEO campaign will be needed for higher rankings. You can always choose work with me instead of hiring external link building company.

Why hire me as your SEO Consultant?

First of all, I have a massive experience in SEO (on-page SEO and off-page SEO). I have been working in this industry for the past 10 years. This is how I make money – ranking my own websites. I also have a few clients on the side because I love improving SEO campaigns and increasing rankings for businesses.

I am avid reader of various SEO blogs. I also test and experiment with my own websites to see what techniques perform better than others. I never incorporate shady techniques that, perhaps, worked a half decade ago but does not work anymore.

As SEO consultant, my success largely depends on success of my clients. I thrive to make your websites rank higher.

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Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

CEO & Founder at Don Mazonas
Don Mazonas is internet marketer and entrepreneur for the past 10 years. He wrote a book called "Content Mastery" where he teaches how to create blog posts that rank high and long term. Click here to learn more about Content Mastery 2016