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Twitter_Follower_BonanzaTwitter Follower Bonanza is a short and concise guide on how I set up each and every Twitter account to get targeted followers on auto-pilot and for FREE!

If you think that this is only a dream, you are wrong. I have set up dozens of accounts that have anywhere from several hundred to several thousand of followers who are actively engaged with the content that I post on Twitter.

There are dozens of services that actually offer to get you thousands of followers. I have tried them and they NEVER work. You get the numbers but they are highly untargeted and inactive. They are bots and fake accounts.

How is Twitter Follower Bonanza any different? Well, you don’t get bots and this guide teaches you how to use 2 tools. These 2 tools are FREE to use – set up automated tweets that attract followers who are very targeted and engaged. This guide will teach you exactly how I managed to get over 4,000 followes in under 8 months.

Look, if you need any more convincing, take a look at these:





As you can see, they are all pretty new accounts (except one) and they already have followers and engagement.

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