Launching a product without iGloo App? You are doing it WRONG!

iGloo AppAre you launching a product and NOT using iGloo App? You know, I have been a marketer for a decade now and you know what I hate the most? Building landing pages! Or any pages, for that matter…

Look, iGloo App is like a gift sent from the God! It has such an amazing toolset, it will allow you to build your entire funnel:

  • landing pages
  • squeeze pages
  • JV pages to recruit affiliates
  • pre-launch pages
  • upsell pages
  • downsell pages
  • bridge pages
  • more …


Yeah, that all sounds great and all but how does it actually work? Well, iGloo App is a very convenient drag & drop kind of tool that actually allows you to control every single aspect of your pages! Don’t like logo? No problem, change it. Don’t like this particular icon? No problem, change it. Don’t like this colour? No problem, change it. Change ever single element on the page, make it exactly as you want it to look!

Don’t just build a simple page. Build an amazing one! iGloo App will actually help you to use all kinds of animations and effects. Make it snow. Make it rain. Make live clock to your launch date. Don’t like that boring and mundain solid colour of the column? Make it gradient.


To be honest with you, you may create the most amazing website in the world but it does not mean that it will achieve exactly what you want it to achieve – MAKE YOU MONEY! So, Josh Ratta who is launching his own product very well and does promotions for others, making 5 figures with each launch, created iGloo App. He also added several templates in case you need to use them. Those templates are highly converting and templates can be changed. You can modify every single element.

So, iGloo App is like Photoshop but better – it will show you exactly what your page looks like. You not need to worry about aany of those confusing tools that Photoshop has. iGloo App has very newbie-friendly environment and it comes with tutorials. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about cutting and coding anything. iGloo App will actually allow you to export the page into HTML or better yet, export it to your WordPress blog directly!


iGloo App also comes in with other amazing features such as integration with email marketing tool such as Aweber or GetResponse. Wish to create a social buzz to drive more and more traffic to your launch? Use social contests feature!

To some it up, I would say that iGloo App will ROCK your world … I mean, this tool has everything that product launch requires and with ability to design your own entire funnel, you will SAVE a ton of money which you can spend on marketing instead. iGloo App will change the way you do launches!


With every prodct launch that I promote, I always offer my own bonus. If you purchase iGloo App through my link (or any link on this page for that matter), I will also add in my own bonus – SEO Online Profits – a short report in which I tell you how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month through SEO alone. Not only that but you can also drop me a line on Skype or email and I will respond to it via email, skype or create a post or video with the answer.

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