InstaNiche – a must have software for Amazon affiliates!

InstaNicheDude, imagine being able to set up your Amazon websites on complete auto-pilot … within minutes. InstaNiche allows that! Let me explain.

Building Amazon website is a very time consuming task which most of the time ends up in frustration and a headache as to why the website does not perform well …  Not to mention, it takes a lot of time to research profitable keywords and products and it all ends up badly. No wonder why so many so called affiliates fail. They have no system in place! THIS ENDS NOW!

Look, with Instaniche, you can easily build the Amazon website with a few clicks! You get all you need – keyword research, product research, website built and all the things that Amazon affiliate could dream of … really!

Before you truly understand how powerful this software is, you must get fimiliar with the creators of the software and why you SHOULD NOT miss this product when it launches!

InstaNiche is developed by Mo Miah and John Gibb – two names in affiliate marketing industry that are known by all. If you don’t know them, you are doing it all WRONG! Look, these two guys are also known as The Terminators – they come and crush product launches, make 5-6 figures per launch. If I had to bet on them and their success, I would!


So, how can InstaNiche make your life so much easier? Oh, that’s easy part to explain.


If you think that you need to think of a niche to get into … you don’t. Look, InstaNiche comes with 250+ proven niches that WILL MAKE YOU MONEY! This is a no-brainer. How much your time is worth? For me, my time is worth more than money. This alone is priceless feature!

Pick keywords

While there is dozens of niches to get into, you also need to choose your keywords. WORRY NOT, though. The software will give you a list of countless keywords that are related to the niche. By related, I mean buyer-orientated, low competition that are easy to rank. This, too, is priceless.

Add content

Oh, that one is HOT! I am marketer myself, I know how frustrating it is to write content myself … even outsourcing … it takes some experience and time to find great writers. This feature of the InstaNiche will take care of all that! Their in-house English writing team will write content from scratch providing your Amazon website(s) unique and original content. That is a massive time saver, I tell you that!

Add products

The software will pick most profitable and best selling products and add them to your website. I know it takes too much fucking time to go through the list of products, research to make sure they are best fit for your niche and website and then add that long-ass code to the website. The software will take care of all that.

Build the whole thing

Lastly, InstaNiche will take all 4 previous points and build your proper Amazon affiliate website for you. It will be well optimised for search engines and with keywords that are easy to rank and products that are guaranteed to sell, you WILL MAKE MONEY!


But then again, they also offer great bonuses that come with InstaNiche. Some of the bonuses you will get for free are worth more than InstaNiche itself, so yeah, InstaNiche is truly something you MUST get! Look, you will get these:

  • Insider’s Guide To Niche Research
  • Amazon Sales Secrets (a must read for Amazon affiliates)
  • Review Me plugin
  • WP Ad Pop Up
  • WP Profit Doubler
  • WP Video Attention
  • Mobile 2-Step Optin Builder
  • Side Strip plugin
  • WP Push Notification (very powerful to get your visitors back!)
  • Back Link Warrior
  • Legal Pages plugin (highly customisable)
  • WP Recently Viewed
  • Feedback Pro
  • WP Scrolling Videos
  • WP Uni System 5.0
  • YouTube Channel for Dummies
  • Social Accounts 101 (worth $97 and you are getting this for free!)

As you can imagine, bonuses are crazy! It would be dumb not to jump on them. The bonuses alone are worth a few hundred dollars!

So, with crazy good bonuses, the software that builds you great business with a few clicks of a button, is it really worth getting it? FUCK YEAH!



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