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LeadsFlow Pro

Hey dude! Imagine being able to generate shit loads of leads to your business or your client’s business. Now, the problem with that is that you do not have a proper system in place – it takes so much effort and time to manage all your leads from all the different sources.


Look, LeadsFlow Pro is a game-changer for you and me. This product is developed by Sean Donahoe and you know what that means, right? You will get taken care of! Sean even tripled his customer service team in order to provide proper customer service. Averagely, they respond within 6 hours. How crazy is that?

So, for only $37, you will get LeadsFlow Pro – it will completely change the way you do lead generation. This tool allows you easily manage leads, funnel them through whatever you wish, with ease.

LeadsFlow Pro is one tool that you need for total lead generation and management. It has a simple drag and drop system for a simple lead capture page. You can also segment your leads based on tags and actions.


LeadsFlow Pro also has a great feature where you can pull all the data of the lead with just email address. Silently “spy” on leads with activity map viewer. Discover the lifetime value and other important KPIs.

LeadsFlow Pro will also allow you to push leads to any auto-responder like GetResponse or Aweber for email markeing. Basically, LeadsFlow Pro will change how you do lead generation business.

And as always, if you buy LeadsFlow Pro through me, I will tell you exactly how I manage to make 4-5 figures every single month via SEO alone. You will automatically get SEO Online Profits, a guide that is NOT SOLD anywhere and not given away for free in exchange for your email address.

Another bonus – ask me if you have any questions or queries regarding SEO via email or Skype and I will respond to you as soon as I can either directly or create a blog post like this one or a video addressing your queries so everybody can learn.


My third but not least bonus – I will let you in to my super secret SEO Expert Academy – it’s a secret Facebook group where I and my partner answers your SEO related questions. This group is small and only special people like you can enter it.

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