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Wiki SubmitterHey, have you ever imagined of attaining first page rankings for your business or your own personal website(s)? You know how hard it really is, right? You must go out to hunt some decent links, usually from PBNs (Private Blog Networks) or some other link type which probably does not work anymore …

Look, if you are not using wiki page links as your website link portfolio, you are not getting the right results! Wiki pages are awesome, they are seen as authority pages because, by origin, these pages give information for the reader. Look at the Wikipedia – even students go there to get some ideas and “references” for their essays and stuff … even though they are not allowed to use Wikipedia as reference (I know because … I was student once …).


Now, I am not saying that you will be able to get links from websites like Wikia or Wikipedia because they wouldn’t even consider linking to your website(s) but you will get links from other, a bit less known Wiki websites.

So, basically, Wiki Submitter is a very powerful tool. It has a lot of features that will make gaining links from Wiki pages like a walk in the park. Wiki Submitter will submit to over 300 wiki pages by default but you can add your own in case you can find websites that allow submissions and use a particular wiki scripts.

Wiki Submitter allows you to use your own proxies and you will have to enter your CAPTCHA solving details so the tool can work flawlessly. You can have several dozen threads running to make it faster. Although, I wouldn’t suggest to run hundreds of threads simultaneously because it might catch Google’s eye or that it will be too big for your computer to handle.


So, here are the main features of Wiki Submitter:

  • Easy to use
  • Beginner friendly
  • Automatic article and keyword scraper
  • Supports multiple wiki platforms
  • Gains first page rankings very quickly
  • Accepts spun content and links
  • Indexes your wiki pages quickly

As you can see, these are just a few features of Wiki Submitter. I have been in SEO for about 9 years and I have never seen such a powerful Wiki tool. This is great for:

  • local business rankings
  • your projects
  • ranking videos within YouTube’s search engine
  • much more …

Just imagine what it would mean for you to get first page rankings … it would mean additional traffic, subscribers, sales and profits.


So, now that you know how to rank websites with Wiki Submitter, how about, if you buy through my link (any link on this blogs really), I will teach you how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month just by rankings websites … I have been doing this and making money consistently for several years now thus generating me nearly $1 million over the past decade.

How about you email me or message me on Skype with any SEO related questions and queries and I will respond to you either directly or create a blog post like this or video addressing your issues? That, and my SEO Online Profits will be yours, completely FREE of charge if you buy Wiki Submitter through me TODAY!

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