Create journals in 3 minutes or less with 3 Minute Journals software

3 Minute JournalsImagine this: being able to create a journal or a diary within 3 minutes. Imagine how much time it would save … a lot I imagine.

Look, journals are very hot topic right now and especially using Create Space, it is even easier to make passive income. This is whole business model around journals – you create journals where you put headlines only and it’s readers duty to fill in the page.

Imagine a dream diary or a dream journal. All you need to do to create such journal is put on headings on each page and that’s it. It’s up to dreamer to fill in the pages.

How about this idea: you create a weekly journal where you put various motivational and inspiring quotes by famous people and the reader has to fill in the pages whatever comes into mind when they read the quote. It can be a daily journal.


How about creating a 52-step action plan to take your business to the next level? Each page could contain words “This week, I will …” do something related to business. The reader would write down what he or she did or how well he or she did that week.

As you can see, these journals are very powerful. 3 Minute Journals will allow you easily create such journals in minutes! 3 Minute Journals is very easy to use, just do these:

  • create a new project
  • add headings as needed
  • add graphics if needed
  • insert blank pages
  • export to Word document
  • publish the journal

So, who is Debbie Drum and Amy Harrop? They are both in publishing business for a very long time now. A few good years, to be honest. They have 40 products under their belt and those products sell like a hot cake. No wonder, Amy has a diverse background in several areas – research, film production, writing, marketing and sales. I strongly believe in what she has to say and if she says that it works, it means exactly that! With that in mind, 3 Minute Journals software is set to rock!



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