ConnectRetarget is a game-changer for Facebook retargeting

ConnectRetargetHi, this is Don again and today I would like to talk about ConnectRetarget – a brand new product from Wilco De Kreij. His new product will change how marketers retarget ads through Facebook pixel.

Look, if you don’t know who Wilco is, you are doing something wrong … although, he does not do launches that often but when he does … he launches BIG!


ConnectRetarget is probably the first tool that allows you to segment your own visitors and create custom audiences for Facebook for retargeting. The best thing is that it actually works, and according to the last 5-day launch that Wilco did, he ran a test – normal Facebook retargeting audience vs ConnectRetarget segmented audience. He managed to reduce the ad cost from 7 euros down to 1 euro per sale for $297 product. That is a MASSIVE reduction I might add.

So, ConnectRetarget allows you to target quite deeply. Look, by default, Facebook allows you to retarget for everybody who visited your website. Do you know how broad that is? You are targeting even those who visited your website for 5 seconds to find out that you are not offering what they are looking for. So, ConnectRetarget allows you to actually serve the ads for those who, let’s say spent 3 minutes on your website … those who visited 2 or more pages of your website, scrolled down 50% of your page … came from a certain source … Segmentation options are limitless.


Now, you understand what this software is for … however, it is not for a beginner. This tool required you to have existing traffic that you are tracking via Facebook pixel (or you can quickly create one and drive traffic for your website). However, Wilco provides training on how to use the software … but marketing is all about split testing … you will need to split test by yourself and find which segmentation options work best for you and your project.

Worry not though, ConnectRetarget comes with several pre-defined templates that you can use. Retain your old visitors, etc … and I know from the past launches, Wilco and his team will take care of you when you are in doubt and need guidance … they take a great care of their customers so I can assure you that you will not be left for dead!

ConnectRetarget bonuses

If you are looking for bonuses from ConnectRetarget, you are looking at the right direction! Wilco offers 7 amazing bonuses:

  • WP Scarcity Plus – improve conversions by adding countdown to your sales page.
  • UberOptin
  • The “Email List Maximizer” Formula – how to easily increase bond, credibility and interation of your email list subscribers
  • The “Facebook Powerhouse” Formula – how to drive tons of traffic from Facebook
  • The “Retargeting Conversions” Blueprint – exactly what you need to know about retargeting (this bonus complements the ConnectRetarget)
  • Smart Funnel Blueprint – how to make great sales funnels and convert your non-buyers visitors to serious buyers through entire funnel.
  • Facebook Recurring Mastery – learn how to use Facebook Groups to make recurring income.


Wilco’s bonuses alone are worth a lot of money. They all actually complement ConnectRetarget. And as always, if you buy through me (any link on this page … or any link on this website to be honest), you will get 2 amazing bonuses from me! First bonus – SEO Online Profits – I wrote a guide book on how I make between 4 and 5 figures every single month. That alone made me nearly $1 million over the past decade.

The second bonus – it could be worth thousands of dollars for some people. Drop me a line or two over email or Skype with your question(s), stuggle(s) and query(-ies) regarding SEO and I will respond to you either directly or create a blog post or video and share publicly, so everybody can read and learn.

I am also excited to announce that I am rebranding some of my projects and I am also documenting everything – I will have 6 income streams that generate at least $10,000+ per month each … but I won’t realease this “case study” any time soon but once I do, it will be yours for free as well, so join the mailing list to get the latest news. Also, if you join my mailing list, you will get my Content Mastery 2016 for FREE … and there was a time when I was selling it for $47 and it was selling like a hot cake.

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