Audience Press – advanced tracking and cloaking WordPress plugin (+hugely insane bonus)

Product: Audience Press

Price: $27 or $37

Authors: Rash Vin, Gobala Krishnan, Gary Alach

Website: click here

Recommended? FUCK YEA!

Imagine being able to do everything you need – track your visitors, cloak URLs, redirect certain traffic elsewhere (as in from a certain page to another, etc …) and all that jazz with a single plugin … with Audience Press –  you can!

Look, I am quite advanced marketer and I have been one for qutie a while … I have never seen such simple, yet very powerful plugin that allows you control all your visitors.

So, what on Earth is Audience Press?

It’s a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you:

  • retarget traffic across the web
  • cloak and shorten web URLs to your liking
  • convert keywords and phrases in posts and page to cloaked URLs
  • pixel tracking and postback URL for advanced retargeting through Facebook and other retargeting platforms
  • too many features to list here

So, whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer (like me), business owner, internet marketing agency or anyone else for that matter who runs WordPress, this is for you. In simple terms, with this plugin, you can easily take visitors from a page that no longer matter/exists to a page with a new content or offer.

Imagine this scenario: you create a page where you offer 50% discount for 3 days. 3 days later, the offer no longer exists, yet page and traffic might. With Audience Press, you can take those visitors from that offer page and redirect to another (expectedly a better) offer. The plugin will do it for you. You will not have to edit that offer page, just set up redirecting features through the plugin, and that is it. This is one of the features of this powerful Audience Press plugin.

Imagine another, similar scenario: you are CPA marketer and redirect people to certain CPA offers. Let’s assume that you deal with CPA network #1. It gives you 10% conversion rate. There is another same offer that pays you the same amount of money through another CPA network (let’s call it CPA network #2). With this plugin, you can easily “divide” traffic, send half of people to one offer, the rest – to another. Then you can track which performs better and keep the winner.

There are many more features that Audience Press offers. You will need to grab it as soon as it launches (17th June, 2016). For a limited time you will get a lifetime license for only $27 (for a single domain) or $37 for unlimited domains.

Very special and massive bonus from me

If you buy Audience Press through this link (or any link on this post, actually), you will get my special bonus: SEO Online Profits. I wrote a guide on how I make 4-5 figures a month through SEO efforts. I expect you to learn a few things about SEO and put the guide into a good use!

Oh, this guide is not for sale or given away for free (where you give me your email address). This guide is available only if you buy this product through my link. The bonus is not provided by Audience Press developers, it’s purely by me.

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