AmaSuite 5

AmaSuite 5 – it’s like 5 of your best friends and making you money

Product: AmaSuite 5

Author(s): Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie

Launch: 10th January, 2017

Price: $197 ($297 without the code)

Website: click here

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What is AmaSuite 5?

AmaSuite 5Now imagine you had five of your best buddies makeing YOU the money. This is very similar. AmaSuite 5 is a bundle of 5 software. They will definitely become your 5 best buddies if you are working with Amazon affiliate. These 5 software is a must-have for your 2017 domination.

Look, AmaSuite 5 includes these: AMA Top Product Analyzer, AMA Search Analyzer, AMA Keyword Generator, AMA Review Analyzer and AMA Ali Inspector.

AMA Top Product Analyzer will allow you to choose the category and the software will extract top selling products in that niche. The software will also extract information such as product price, average rating, amount of reviews, etc …

AMA Search Analyzer is another great software that belongs to AmaSuite 5. You just put the keyword in the search bar and the software will put out the relevant product with all the data like the price, average rating, review count and so on …

AMA Keyword Generate is 3rd software in the AmaSuite 5 family. This is a great tool when you run out of keyword ideas. You just put the seed keyword(s) in and you will get hundreds of keyword ideas extracted from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc … this is great when running PPC or SEO campaigns.

AMA Review Analyzer will analyse reviews of a product. Will tell you what people liked and disliked about that particular product.

The last but not least product of AmaSuite 5 bundle is AMA Ali Inspector. You search for product by entering the keyword in the search bar and the software will put out very useful data such as product title, its price, delivery time, average rating, etc … this is a great tool if you wish to buy items from AliExpress and sell them through Amazon or eBay.

So, to summaries the AmaSuite 5, I must tell you that this software is very useful if you are doing Amazon affiliate … or any kind of eCommerce business for that matter. It opens doors for so many opportunities, it’s crazy!

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